Monday, May 26, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Enjoy this FUNNY video clip!!! ^__________________________^


  1. Hahaha... it was so funny that I can't stop laughing. Thanks for sharing the clip ;0

  2. Chizmosa: UR VERY welcome. ;-D Glad you had some laughs he he he he...It's really hilarious, isn't it? LOL LOL LOL!!! ;-D Kids are MAGNIFICENT he he he...

  3. Well if we weren't stuck out in the middle of nowhere I could watch the video.

    But, I barely have enough signal to do anything. And I simply love Art Linkletter.

    Maybe I can see it later today. love and your tagged. It's a fun one. At least I had fun. And I hope you do.

  4. Shinade: Ah, you love Art? Then you'll love this video clip he he...Hope you can see it later today! ;-D

    Tag? I'll see what I can do later, OK? I'm beat right now and I need to cook still he he...

    HUGS back and be safe!!!