Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3BT: Random Days

1. Beautiful white dandruff from heaven he he he he...Yes, today it's snowing again and the flakes are pretty big, so it feels like pure, white dandruff from heaven...mmmmm...

2. Helping the trainee at our course pronounce words in English he he he he...That was SUPERBLY FUN! ;-D

3. Hubby saving some snack for me since he thought I'd want some. THANK YOU, Bonbonhoneypie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Hubby scraping my back again when I felt out of sorts. He's getting better and better at it HO HO HO HO HO HO...And he's calling me a masochist HA HA HA HA HA HA...

5. Calling my Mom again and having fun talking to her. She's SO supportive. She doesn't mind if we go to Singapore later in October if we can do it, even though that means that my time with them will be reduced.

6. Mom told me that the other day she had a talk with my brother and his wife about how many kids they wanted to have. My brother said three and his wife and my Mom was curious why he said that. These days everything's so expensive, so many people opt to have maximum two kids. What he said made me wanna cry and hug him SO tightly in my arms!!! He said, "Look at me! I only have one big sis and now she's living FAR away from me and I'm all alone now."

Well, I hope that his life will be more fun with the birth of his baby later on in October he he he...

7. The smell of menthol body balm from Indonesia. Mmmmmmmm...

8. Opening up the front door for the old man on the first floor. He talked to me a bit, but I could only understand half of what he was saying hi hi hi...but at least I did talk to him a bit, so that was a good practise, right? *GRIN*

9. The possibility of going on another trip together with my friends next Monday or Tuesday and maybe we can grill some sausages in a park or something. I HOPE SOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ;-D


  1. wow...you have lots of fun this week :D

  2. That was fascinating. I have an award for you, Amel. :-)


  3. Picturing of Life: Yeps, that's right Jul! ;-D

    Michelle: Award? Why, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ;-D I'm honoured!!!