Sunday, May 25, 2008

Movie Review: Mindhunters

Yesterday we watched Mindhunters (2005). Granted that it's not a new movie, but if you've never seen it, it's WELL-WORTH seeing!!!

The story started with a group of people being tested by their superior to learn to be profilers. Then they were sent to an island to be trained to do a simulation. However, they didn't know that there was a real killer there. Who's the killer and why is the killer doing all those horrible things to test them?

It was really full-chock of thrilling moments and almost the entire time I sat on the edge of my seat he he he he...Hubby and I discussed who we suspected to be the real killer, so it was FUN, too!!! In the middle of the movie I told him that I hoped the ending was as good he he he...It was a good ending, too, even though it was nothing shocking he he he...

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