Friday, May 30, 2008

Luosto Trip Pics #3

Before I start, let me just tell you one quick note that hubby and I are leaving to my in-laws' cabin this evening and we'll be back tomorrow eve. The Photo Caption Contest is still open until tomorrow, so don't forget to turn in your entryyyyyy!!!!! ;-D

So, where were we? Well, we had reached the top of the hill. Then we were led inside this hut where the guide told us about the history of the mine. For the time being, the Amethyst Mine is the only operating amethyst mine in Europe, even though there are other such mines around the world. The unique thing about this mine is their milky amethyst quality as opposed to the darker types of amethyst found in Brazil. I'll show you what I mean later with a pic of the amethysts I found, OK?

After that we were lead into a tunnel going down...and then up again before we reached the back slope of the hill in order to dig our own amethysts. We were each given a tool to dig the ground. We didn't have to break any stones, though, as the amethysts were lying under the rocks or the earth.

Here's the tunnel:

Keep on digging, matesssss!!! ;-D

Here are my amethysts (the width of my mobile phone is 4,5 cm):

Miscellaneous photos that I haven't put up (this one's taken by my Brit friend):

Here are some of my photos again surrounding Luosto Park area (near the ticket office/small museum):

Wanna buy a suite here? HE HE HE HE HE HE...

There's an English version of this park in the below pic. Click to enlarge and read it. There's a map of the hiking trail:

Here's a pic of the snow trailer (dunno the official name for it) for taking guests around the Amethyst Mine during winter, I guess ---> of course the trailer goes at the back of a snow truck.

Last but not least, my latest baking attempt sometime ago he he he...My first batch of raisin SCONES!!!

Okay, now I need to hurry and prepare myself to go to the course and after I get back home, I have to paccckkkkk he he he he...Enjoy your weekend, everybody! Stay safe and God bless you!!!


  1. wow! did you get to keep the stones? and those scones... mmmmm, they're making me hungry. next time please share the recipe ;)

  2. hmmm....your raisin scones seems delicious :D

    I like the tree photo, mel.

    have a nice weekend, Amel.

  3. Mmm. Can I have a scone please?

    I love the digging pics and the amethysts!

  4. Liza: Yeah, the tour package included digging the stone and finding your own stone. Usually they only let tourists take one stone, but that day the guide was being generous HE HE HE HE HE...OK, I'll share the recipes next time I bake something. ;-D

    Jul: Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    The World According to Me: Yeah, sure, I still have some HE HE HE HE...

    Glad you liked the pics. Enjoy your weekend! ;-D

  5. I love amethyst because it's purple! :-) I think my stone is amethyst as well.. will you come back over there again and find some BIG ONES for me? hahahahaha...

    Good luck for your photo caption contest ok Mel?!

  6. Trinity: Ah, so your stone is amethyst? COOL!!! ;-D HA HA HA HA HA...I think it's MORE FUN if you can come there yourself and dig yourself an amethyst, Trin! ;-D