Thursday, May 29, 2008

Luosto Trip Pics #2

My Brit friend has kindly sent me some pics of Pyha-Luosto that I haven't taken myself (THANK YOU SO MUCH, Darling!!!), so here are thoooosseeee ho ho ho ho ho ho...

This is a better view of the inside of the grilling cabin (called "kota" in Finnish, which in Indonesian means "city"). Let's STAABBBBBB the sausageeeee!!! LOL LOL!!!!!

Let's grill the sausaaggeeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BIG GRIN* You know why I kept on smiling on these few pics below? Because my friend kept on saying, "Think of your blog! Think of your blog, Amel!" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...That certainly worked for me, thank you very much HE HE HE HE HE...

Grill on, Babbbyyyy he he he...

This is the outside view of "kota":

While waiting for the fire to get ready to grill, we decided to give some gifts for our teacher. I managed to snap two pics of her while receiving the gifts. Here are they:

Then after lunch we went to the Amethyst Mine. However, we had to wait a long time for the taxi to come. Good thing it was sunny, so we could sunbathe and wait here:

After a long while, finally the taxi came by and we arrived in the Amethyst Mine. Here's another funny-looking tree I found there he he...

And here's me in front of the stairs up to the miiinnnneeeeee (Yes, we had to go up up up up up there - good exercise to firm up our legs HA HA HA):

And here are some views from up there:

Okay, I still have plenty to show you, but I'm going to stop here and shower (I just did my Tae Bo he he he...). Then I'll blog-hop a little bit, but then I have to study since I have a tiny computer test tomorrow he he he...

Stay tuned to see more pics of me digging the amethyst and I'll also show you two amethysts I've got. *BIG GRIN*


  1. Hey Amelia!

    This seems to have been a great trip! The photos look great (and you look awesome: did your hair grow back?)!

    Now, I will take a look at the previous photo session!


  2. Max: THANKS for your compliment, Dearrrrr!!!! ;-D Yeah, my hair's grown pretty quickly he he he...

    And it was GLORIOUS weather, so it was a WONDERFUL trip indeed! ;-D

  3. ALL beautiful shots, Amel. I like the strange tree hi hi hi... I see still lots of snow in there, what degrees in there now??

  4. It's such a lovely place.Thanks for the tour!

  5. Fantastic pictures! I like the grilling cabin!

  6. Jul: It was around 12-15'C when we were in Luosto he he he...

    Blur Ting: You're VERY welcome! ;-D It's MUCH better when you're there in person, of course he he can feel the fresh air and hear the birds chirping and stuff he he...

    The World According to Me: Yeah, the grilling cabin looks nice, doesn't it? ;-D However, it's HARD to take a pic there since it's not that big and there's that huge thing in the middle, blocking the way ha ha ha...