Friday, May 09, 2008

Possibility: Visiting Singapore in Oct?

As you probably know, I'll be in Indonesia for around 17 days in October (arriving on Oct 8th and leaving on Oct 24th). Yesterday we got some brochures on cheap travel packages to Australia and other countries, so we had a discussion on travelling.

I told hubby that it crossed my mind about visiting Singapore while we were on our vacation in Indonesia, but the only discomfort is that we had to go back and forth to Jakarta to do so as there would be no direct flight from Bandung to Singapore.

He said that he was interested in visiting Singapore. I was once there for 6 days in 2000 with my Aussie emailpal and I liked the country so much. I didn't get to see everything there, so I'd love to go back again.

I know we need to save more money in order to make this visit possible, but I think as long as we don't stay in any fancy hotel, it's a possibility. I'm not going to do any major shopping there, anyway, so I don't have to budget much on shopping. We can allocate our budget only for the plane tickets, room rent, food, and entrance tickets to touristy places.

There are some things I want to ask my Singaporean bloggers, though:

1. I'm thinking that 4 days (5 days 4 nights) would be enough to travel around, since after all we're not going to stay in Indo THAT long. If we're staying in Indo for a month, then we might consider staying in Singapore longer than that. But is it better to visit Singapore on weekdays or also on a weekend? Are there many more interesting things during the weekends?

2. What do you recommend for us to see or visit? We're not that keen on museums or art hi hi hi hi hi...but I know it'll take a WHOLE day to tour Sentosa Island, so what else should we do the next 3 days? Anything particular we should see? Any particular restaurants we should visit? Hubby doesn't like seafood, but I DO love seafood and Chinese food and European food he he he he...Well, I AM a foodie HA HA HA HA HA...

I'm not 100% sure yet about this trip since it depends on how much money we can save, but I HOPE it can come true. It'll be our second honeymoon and we can try making babies then HO HO HO HO...Plus maybe I get to meet some of my Singaporean blogger friends? ;-D

Okay, I'll blog hop later since I want to try making some snack for tomorrow. I bought Princess Cake already today from the supermarket since it was on a HUGE discount HA HA HA HA HA I'm just going to make some snack today.

Last but not least, THANK YOU SO MUCH for Karen (WaterLearner) for your handicraft. I LOVE IT!!! I'm gonna take a pic of it and publish it here, but later he he he he...


  1. Amel,

    I am glad you love it. The entire thing was 95% made from recycled material. Unwanted jean, the backbone was used to pack a pair of Nike socks I bought. Some used wrapping papers. The floral paper that made up your name came from the package of my Clinique cosmetics!

  2. Wah you will gonna 'discount' your holiday in Indonesia and spent it in Singapore? *shake my head* Don't! hehehe.. ga rela nih. hehehe.. these days are really difficult and money crisis Amel, everything is expensive, everywhere..even in USA.. and singapore as well.. my mom in law said, semua harga naik in Singapore, including taxi etc... you take care ok? di sini gas lagi langka.. satu tabung biasa 53rb skrg bisa 70rb-100rb! Belumlagi bensin mau naik lagi.

  3. WaterLearner: THANKS for telling me the materials as I AM intrigued when I saw your creation he he he...;-D VERY beautiful, Karen! ;-D You're gifted!!!

    Trinity: Yeah, my Mom told me about the lack of LPG. Crazy!!! And the price of gasoline's going up again? Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk...

    Prices of gasoline and food are also going up here. Inflation everywhere mmmmm...must be careful spending money nih...

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  5. everything is going expensive..... but anyway, success with making baby in indo hehehe :)

  6. Nyumix: Sure, I'll check it out later, Put. THANKS! ;-D

    Jeanne: THAAANKKKSSS!!!! You too, GOOD LUCK in giving Elissa a baby sister or brother HE HE HE...

  7. You really must come to Singapore. I'll treat you to a nice seafood dinner! I think 4 days is enough becos Singapore is so small. Besides Sentosa, you can visit our zoo and bird park. You can sit on the Singapore Flyer or take the duck tour which brings you around our harbour and city area. You can spend lots of time eating and shopping.

    You can spend an entire day at Sentosa. From Sentosa, you can take the cable car back to Mount Faber and see our harbour glittering at night. Then you can walk across to Vivocity for food and shopping.

    In the city, you can visit Chinatown, Little India and Arab street. Interesting places for tourists.

    You may wish to explore cheaper ways to come here from Indonesia. My customer usually travels to Singapore by taking a ferry from batam. He takes a flight from Jakarta to Batam first. The ferry ticket is about $30+ only.

  8. Blur Ting: Hey, meeting you would be more than enough. You don't have to treat us he he he...I DO hope we can meet, though. Then maybe I should schedule the trip to cover the weekend 'coz then maybe everybody is busy during weekdays hmmm...We'll see he he...

    I did miss going on the cable car when I visited Singapore back in 2000. And I bet the place has changed SO SO SO MUCH since then he he he...

    And I also missed the Fountain show in Sentosa Island back then, as well. Better remember it this time ha ha ha...

    THANKS for the tips on coming to Singapore cheaper. I'll think about it. :-)))

    The problem is that I live in Bandung and it takes 3 hours already to go to Jakarta by bus, so I don't want to waste time being on the road or somewhere else. I'd rather pay a bit more so that I can be in Singapore longer than being on the road longer he he he...but we'll see. I'm curious about how much it costs to go to Batam he he he...

  9. Wow Amelia! That's great!! How I wish I could go to Singapore! :) I hope one day :) I hope your dream of going in October will come true and I am sure you will receive many useful tips from the blog buddies from Singapore :)

  10. La delirante: THANKS, Wen! I do hope so, too. And who knows one day you'll be able to visit Singapore and meet some blogger friends there? ;-D

    And yep, I'll definitely get many tips from my blogging buddies he he he...