Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movie Review: Miss Potter

The other day I watched Miss Potter and it took me back to the old days. The days where chaperones were an important part of life. The days where it was deemed unsuitable for an unmarried woman to find work.

I kinda liked the movie. It made me realize how different things are, especially for women these days. I liked the fact that it was based on a true life story. I liked the fact that Beatrix Potter beat the odds and managed to be an independent woman. I liked the fact that eventually she found love, too, even though she had lost a loved one earlier in life.

In the DVD the ending didn't show her marriage, but I read in Wikipedia about this fact. I don't know if men would be interested in watching this type of movie, but I'd recommend it for any woman. ;-D

Above all, I liked the fact that the movie managed to make me experience different type of emotions strongly. I find that it's one of the most wonderful experiences when you're reading a story or watching a movie, don't you think so?


  1. oopsss...blogger is apparently not working so I don't know if you will receive this second comment:( Anyway, thanks for the review. I haven't watched the movie but will try to rent it one of these days :)

  2. La delirante: Glad you find this review helpful. I'd be interested in reading your review once you've watched it! ;-D