Saturday, May 03, 2008

May Day Holiday

A day before May Day, our class finished earlier, so I called my friend IN (the Russian girl from last year's Finnish evening classes) if she had time to meet me. She was just about to ask if we could meet on May Day, but I told her that I'd be spending it in Kelujärvi with my in-laws, so we decided to meet within an hour.

I walked home in a perfect 15'C sunny day (there was NO cloud in the sky at all) and found a PO slip to get a care package from my Mom (my friend in Germany sent it since she went home to Indonesia last month), so I quickly packed everything to bring to my in-laws and then went to the PO. I walked back home since the package was too big to bring with me to the cafe where we were supposed to meet. When I arrived home, IN called me back and told me that she would be there in 2 minutes.

I told her I'd be right there, so I walked quickly there he he he...I could wear my summer shoes and I didn't have to wear my long john anymore WOOOO HOOOO!!! I still had a summer jacket on, though, since it could still be windy sometimes. We decided to sit outside and sunbathe. Mmmmm...We talked and enjoyed some snack and cold Coke.

I called my hubby before leaving home, telling him that he could pick me up when he was ready to leave to Kelujärvi since I had already packed everything (except for his clothes). At around 4 pm, he called and said that he'd be coming in 15 minutes, so I bid my friend goodbye and told her that whenever I had free time, I'd visit her. ;-D

In Kelujärvi, we went to sauna right away he he he he...Mom-in-law was just coming outside as our car was parked in their yard. After yummy sauna, we sat outside for a little while to cool down as it was getting too hot inside (they were still warming the place up by lighting the fireplace, since during the nights it can still go down to 0'C).

We then had dinner and played cards he he he...After that we went upstairs to get ready to sleep, but we read novels first before we decided to retire. The next morning we woke up late and then I helped mom-in-law cut some onions. Then while waiting for the reindeer meat to be cooked, mom-in-law's elder sister and husband came by, so we played cards again he he he he...

Oh, almost forgot, mom-in-law's elder sister gave each of us a tight hug and told each of us, "Rakastan sinuaaaaa!" (I love you). It's SO very un-Finnish, you know? She's such a jolly person and it's always nice to see her he he he...She's as bright as the sun. ;-D

We had lunch together, then they left and we continued reading our novels. In the afternoon we got sleepy again since it was another hot day HE HE HE HE HE...Yeah, yeah, we're LAZY PIGS HI HI HI HI HI HI...But while we can do it, why not, right? Life needs to be enjoyed fully HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...

Then we played cards again and then mom-in-law offered us dinner. While eating, she offered me something (hard to describe). I didn't take it, though, since she needed it more than I did. It's AMAZING that she thinks of ME first even though she needs it!!!

I'm thinking of what to do or make next week, since next Sunday is Mother's Day in Finland. We're only visiting them on Saturday, but there's no stopping us from celebrating it then he he he...We'll see what I can do. ;-D

Speaking of the care package from Mom, I received 2 CDs from my brother: one of his prewedding/wedding photos, and one of his honeymoon photos. I almost cried while browsing through the family wedding pics. I MISSED THEEEEMMMMM A LOTTTTT!!! ;-D Maybe I'm going to cry when I meet them again he he he he he...Can't wait for that day to commeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Okie dokie, I'd better stop my babbling here and blog-hop a bit. ;-D

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