Sunday, November 02, 2008

Light a Fire!

Yesterday we went to my in-laws and armed with my new digital camera, Panasonic Lumix FZ28, I was hoping to see a few birds there (I'm still learning to use the camera to find out which features work best for different types of conditions and sceneries), but so far I'm LOVING the camera's wide zoom and the quality of the video clips.

I was SO happy to see a few birds when we arrived there. However, I got a nice surprise when I also saw a CUTE squirrel there. I'm trying to upload the video clip now so that I can share it tomorrow.

Here are a few pics I took yesterday:

This is the window from which I took the pictures of the birds. I took this pic without zooming in on the birds.

Then R2's elder brother wanted to make a bonfire, so he had to cut this empty barrel first into half so that we could make a fire inside.

It was -7'C outside and here we are sitting down around the fire!

Brrrr...our butts were cold when we got back inside he he he he...Then we played cards for 3 hours. I won the third round with such a remarkable score HA HA HA HA HA HA...It felt GOOD to win just one round out of three rounds, babyyyyy!!!

R2's second brother and girlfriend asked us if we wanted to go to Rovaniemi this Saturday to watch a play in the theatre there and we may just go there with them. I'll definitely write an update about this once we know for sure about this plan. Other than that, tomorrow I have to call the library manager to ask about the training place. If she can't give me a spot as a trainee there, I'll go ask another store nearby my house. Wish me luck, people!!! And hope you've had a BLESSED weekend!!!


  1. That camera is such a good buy!! The pictures are fantastic! Sitting by the fire looks so fun for someone who's suffering from the tropical heat here..

  2. Hi Amel!

    Very cool photos!

    Wow! Look at all that snow! Good thing I live in Vancouver were it just rains all the time which reminds me I have tp go and build my ark….


  3. Blur Ting: Yes, we're VERY pleased with the camera he he he...;-D Well, sitting by the fire is fun as long as you're wrapped with very warm clothes and socks and shoes he he...

    LS: THANKS!!! Glad you enjoyed the pics. And yeah, today it snowed again, so there's more snow on the ground he he...WHOOPPPPEEEEE!!!

    Yes, go build your ark and then sail here!!! *BIG GRIN*

  4. Amel….

    It is really raining here I am expecting moose and bears to be knocking on the door to get out of the wet…but I’ll take it over the snow…. LOL

    I like the sparks coming of the barrel!

  5. cool camera you have...

    omg snow...i hope we have snow this year :D Jason will love play with snow hi hihi

  6. Wow, COLD! We're about 4 degrees here, maybe minus in the early morning, but it actually gets a bit warmer here in the evening/night, which is strange, but nice.

    Hope you get the job you want. :-)

  7. UmmeAaiman: THANKS for dropping by and GLAD you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    LS: I'd rather have snow than rain, actually he he...esp. since the sun rises only at 8.30 and it sets already at around 3.30 pm, so it's better to have snow around here to make it less "dark" he he...

    I also LOVE the sparks in that pic! ;-D

    Jul: Yeah, hope you'll get some snow for Jason to play with!!! ;-D

    Michelle: THANKSSSS for your well-wishes. I tried calling her earlier but no response. I'll go visit the library soon!!! ;-D

  8. The World According to Me: Well, then, hope you'll get your wish, maybe this upcoming Xmas? ;-D Glad you liked the pics! ;-D

  9. Great pics, Ifell in love with the first one :)
    XX PC

  10. Purple Cat: It's also my fave one! ;-D