Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flower Pics

Yesterday was a tiring day for me 'coz I had to go back to work after my morning shift to do an evening one (though I got a few hours' break in between) due to the sick leave of one coworker. So I did a 10-hour work in total and I was tired when I got back home (and hungry). Good thing I had no work shift today, but tomorrow and Thursday I'll be busy again, so maybe I can only blog-hop on Thursday night or Friday.

Found out some flowers' names from MIL (Finnish names of course).

First flower is Vuohenjuuri (can't find the Latin name):

This second flower's name is Tuoksuvatukka (translated as The Fragrant Hair):

Third flower is Apinankukka or Monkey-Flower or Mimulus luteus:

The fourth one is peurankello (reindeer clock) or Campanula glomerata:

This below pic is taken today. They've bloomed at the side of our house, right next to the rose bush (which is called Juhannusruusu or Midsummer Rose)

Found these beautiful flowers in MIL's garden...they're the purple variation of the ones in our garden...Aquilegia flabellata is the Latin name.

And you know what? Autumn signs are here already ha ha ha...Take a look at this pic! 'Coz the temperature dropped a few times to below 10'C, a few leaves have turned yellow. I've also found some yellow leaves on the trees in our garden.


  1. Gileeee!!! Asli deh..those are really beautiful flowers. The Lord is such an artist! =) Your pictures are beautiful too! =)

  2. Below 10C!!! Ooohhh how I wish it was that temperature in New York. It's 33C here :-(

    Beautiful photos Amel!!

  3. WaterLearner: THANKS!

    Shinta: Ember...He's such an artist! :-D

    Ting: Yep, they are, aren't they? ;-D

    Fish: Ouch...well, during the day it ranges around 15-22'C but during the night it can drop that low every now and then. Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-D

  4. They are amazing.
    Hope you are not so tired today.

  5. gorgeous flowers! I am so excited to have found you! I am an expat Brit living in Kuusamo! Moi!

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  7. Wonderful flowers shot, Amel. The 1st photo is my fav.

  8. Autumn? Hope not! Ei vielä!

    I was dreaming the other night of dark nights and snow. When I woke up I remembered thinking in my dream.. 'Oh no! Not yet!!'