Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Fresh peaches on a hot summer day. When I lived in Indo, I had never eaten fresh peaches - just canned ones (and I LOVE those canned ones too!) But still no canned peaches can beat fresh ones! Yum yum...

2. Feeling surprised when I saw the rose bush in (almost) full bloom today...look at these lovely pics!

3. Watching droplets of rain water on the flowers' petals:

4. Finding discounted DVDs in a supermarket and now that I have some spare time, I can watch them in peace.

5. It's nice to have a part-time job instead of a full-time job 'coz then I have time to tend to my garden, to watch the above DVDs, and do many other things.

6. Hubby's initiative (can't tell you what he did, though) LOL...

7. Finding a new type of flower blooming in the garden. If anyone can tell me the name of the flower, I'd appreciate it!!! The diameter of the flower is about 3.5 cm.

8. Exercising some parts of my muscles that I didn't know existed with my Wii CD. Felt GREAT after I finished my exercise. Can't wait to do more exercise tomorrow (to help me sleep earlier 'coz gotta do a morning shift on Thursday). :-D :-D :-D

9. Both my parents are OK and enjoying life and my brother and his family are OK too.

10. Thankful that summer here isn't THAT hot - we can survive well without air-con or even a fan. All we need to do is open some windows during the day.

11. Mosquito net for the windows! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

12. Thankful that the first floor of our house is rather cold, so it's comfy to sit inside the house even on such a scorching day outside (it's even cooler than outside on such hot days).


  1. I love fresh peaches, too :) And nectarines.

    Very hot here in the south now... But not too many mosquitos, which is good.

    The white roses are beautiful, don't have a name for that pretty flower; sorry!

  2. Voisiko se olla kurtturuusu?


  3. I have never seen that purple flower before, so I don't know the name.

    It's quite amazing the flowers just bloom overnight? The weather must be really conducive for growing.

  4. Rita: Yeah, less mosquito is a good thing. ;-D Kurtturuusu? Mun pitää tarkistaa ensin nuo lehdet he he...KIITOS linkistä kuitenkin! :-D

    Ting: Well, not all of them bloomed overnight. About 3 days ago there were only about 1/5 of them, but today when I checked again there were so many more already. I guess it was also 'coz of the rain. It had rained quite a lot since 3 days ago. :-D

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  6. Those are lovely white roses. I haven't tried any fresh peaches yet, yeah, always the canned ones and those on cakes. :-)

  7. oh wow!!! Loooooveeee the white roses! Such nice pictures too! boleh neh jadi fotografer, Mel. =)

  8. @Lawrence: I'll add U shortly.

    CMG: Fresh peaches are LOVELY. If you have a chance to eat them somewhere, you should. :-D

    Shinta: THANK YOUUUUUUU, Shin...kebetulan ada kebon sendiri jadi tinggal keluar buat ngambil foto ha ha...ngambil foto sebanyak2nya jadi yang jelek bisa dibuang ha ha ha...