Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend With Family: Butterfly Pics + Video Clip

R2's eldest bro and family came over on Saturday, so we went to my in-laws' place and had a beautiful hot day there. The temperature was probably around 22'C but due to the lack of wind and clouds, it probably felt more like 26'C under the sun. The eldest son brought his girlfriend with him and we were all amazed to see the youngest son 'coz he'd grown SO much taller than last year and his voice has changed. Next year he'll probably shock us again with his height he he he he...

Then R2's eldest bro and girlfriend stayed in our place last night. R2's second brother came over as well and we played cards until late ha ha ha ha...

Anyhow, I got the privilege to see some BEAUTIFUL butterflies in my MIL's garden when we just arrived there. Here are some butterfly shots (click to see a bigger version):

Special THANKS to Carena's Designs for the use of Carena Spring Meadow Collection to make this scrapbook page.

And I've managed to take some short video clips of the butterflies in action. I've combined them in this video clip. If you wonder why my hands seemed to be so unsteady, it's 'coz when I zoomed in, even the SLIGHTEST movement would shake the video clip, but I think overall it's a decent video compilation ha ha...

OK, I'll blog hop later. At least I still have some free days before I have to go to work again 6 days in a row he he he...Hope you've had a lovely weekend, people!


  1. Lovely butterfly pictures!

  2. Hey Amel,

    Yes, I have had a wonderful weekend, thank you :D.

    I was going to ask how you were doing, but I see that you are simply fantastic!

    Butterflies are so delicate and pretty: you captured their magic extremely well :D.

    Have a fabulous week ahead, my dear friend!


  3. Rita: Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Max: Yeah, had a fantastic weekend indeed! :-D Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-D You too, darling, have a fab week ahead!!! HUGS!!!