Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cabin Trip July 2010

On Friday right after work, we went to the cabin. R2 could go back home earlier 'coz he had done some overtime before, so I didn't have to wait at home for him to come back home. I took SO many pictures 'coz many of my MIL's flowers have bloomed and there are also some interesting creatures in the garden he he he he...

Here are some of the pics...can't share all of them all at once, though ha ha...

First pic: Saw this funny-looking bumblebee with those orange parts on its hind legs. Actually MIL spotted it first, so I also took a video of it 'coz it was TOO hard to take a good pic of it - it kept on moving about unpredictably. Busy bumblebee he he...

Here's the video clip of the above bumblebee:

MIL and I also pulled out some weeds from her strawberry field, she also noticed this white spider. It was SO tiny and SHY!!! It kept on hiding under the leaves, so I had to turn them around to take some pics of it. That was my thumb on the first pic btw.

More pics of the white spidey from different angles he he...

Last but not least, we had the privilege to see a family of black grouse (teeri) when we drove back to my in-laws' place from the cabin. Unfortunately couldn't take clear shots of them from inside the car (I didn't dare get out 'coz I was afraid they'd run away to the woods). Here are two clearer pics of them:

In this pic, they were already running away to the woods...but you can see at least two of them.

In this pic they were still on the path leading to the cabin. These are the kiddies he he he...

OK, now I'm gonna blog-hop a little before I go to bed. Take care, people!!!


  1. Wow, your camera takes really good videos!

  2. Was the Bee carrying pollen on it's rear legs perhaps? That is often what they use to pollenate stuff. Maybe it was that? Certainly colourful stamen colour.

  3. Yes, it was that Amel.. Have a look at this.. They catch it on their legs then it goes into their 'baskets'.. which look to be what you captured on film.

  4. Blur Ting: That was why we bought that camera 'coz we wanted one which could take good quality videos BUT could also take good pictures. We didn't want to buy a handycam 'coz then we couldn't get pics with good quality.

    Jul: THANKS!

    Mrs. Rainbow: Hey, THANKS for letting me know and for the link! I told my MIL that it was wearing sukkahousut and she laughed out loud. LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  5. Love the pics. That spider and bumble bee look unusual to me? Haven't noticed them in the UK anyway...

  6. Just read about the pollen on the bees legs, well I didn't know that!