Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Moments at Work

Today is such a WINDY, COLD day (even though it's sunny). My poor mustasilmä susanna (Thunbergia alata) obviously didn't like the cold wind. I left it out last night, but they were fine. However, only an hour or so of cold wind and the leaves were dying already. Good thing I checked every now and then, so I rushed them inside and now they seem to have grown back to life. PHEW!!! My poor, poor babiesss...

Anyway, wanna share some fun moments at work he he he...

1. A pair of old guys came in while I was sitting at the cashier.

Guy #1: "Hey, from your facial features it seems that you're an Asian."
Me : "I am an Asian."
Guy #1: "Do you speak Finnish?"
Guy #2: "OF COURSE she speaks Finnish, silly!"


2. A pair of old ladies came in...

Lady #1: "Hey, you're working here." (Side note: it's more like that she was surprised to see me working there)
Me : "Yes."
Lady #1: "Where do you come from?"
Me : "Indonesia."
Lady #1: "Oh, such a distant country. Why did you move here?"
Me : "My husband is Finnish."
Lady #1: "OH! Well, you speak Finnish well."
Me : "Thank you." (smiling)

3. A guy came in and then I told him how much he had to pay, and he said, "Well-counted!"

Oh, THANK YOU for the compliment he he he he he he...

4. A pair of older guys came in...

Guy #1: "Look, there's a Japanese girl working here."
Guy #2: "Yes, it's nice to see a different face here."
Me : "Oh, but I'm not Japanese. I come from Indonesia."
Guy #2: "Sorry?"
Me : "I come from Indonesia."
Guy #2: "Ohhhh...such a long way from here. Well, it's nice to see you here anyway."
Me : "Thank you."

5. I think it's really beneficial that I look Asian 'coz if someone wants to ask me something, then they would definitely speak slow enough for me to understand and they would use gestures to describe what they want to ask HE HE HE HE HE HE...

6. I'm surprised at how many people are surprised to know that I speak Finnish. Maybe they think that foreigners who live here can't speak Finnish well enough 'coz of the lack of full-time Finnish courses in this area. But anyway, it's really good for my self-esteem to hear many people say "You speak Finnish well". And last but not least, I TRULY appreciate some people who have expressed how nice it is to see a foreign face in that place THANK YOU, people!!!

P.S. Mind you that I don't always understand everything yet and sometimes a customer asks me something I'm not sure about, so I always turn to my coworkers to ask about that, but at least most of the time I survive ha ha....


  1. I'm usually surprised if someone non-Finnish-looking speaks Finnish, but I think it's great :) Wouldn't you raise an eyebrow if a Finn talked Indo, hah hah? ;D

  2. Rita: Hmmm...actually you're right, I'll also be surprised if a Finn talks Indo 'coz Indo's not a popular language he he...

  3. Looks like you are enjoying your work!!!

  4. hahaha!! lucu2 pisan yach orang2. hehe..You really should be proud at how well you speak Finnish now! hehe =)

  5. WaterLearner: In some ways I do. :-D

    Shinta: HE HE HE...iya, emang lucu. Not proud sih, just encouraged+happy to know that they understand me and I understand most of what they're saying. :-D

  6. :D this is really nice! :D

    I remember when I first came here, everyone was surprised I could even say a few words in Finnish.. let alone string a sentence together! I haven't experienced that for it's quite nice to hear that it still surprises people! :D

  7. I really like this post. If there is a 'Like' button, I would definitely click on it hehe... I once had a Japanese colleague and she spoke Malay quite well and always surprised the customers as well. :-)