Saturday, July 31, 2010

3BT: July 30, 2010

1. Hubby running to welcome me from work today 'coz I had an evening shift, so we hadn't met at all today 'coz I was still asleep when he got up to work and when I left to work, he wasn't home yet.

2. Watching a TV series together right after I got back from work. This was a surprise for me 'coz I thought he would be gaming with his buddies as usual, but no, he spent time with me this time and I TRULY appreciate that.

3. After work, I sent an SMS to Mom to ask about their health. Mom had just done a blood test and she went to the doctor again. Everything was OK except her cholesterol level, so she has to really be careful with her diet. And oh, she's feeling MUCH better already! ;-D

4. Mom told me that Dad looked better and now it seems Dad realizes that he has to be more careful with his diet, as well - considering that he has diabetes and he has to keep his glucose level normal. I hope he keeps on remembering this and I hope he won't be upset whenever my Mom or bro or SIL reminds him not to eat too much food that contains sugar.

5. Found out that we've got some Tiger Lilies at the side of our house and one of them has just bloomed. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

6. Watching my mustasilmä susanna or Black-eyed Susan vine or Thunbergia alata growing bit by's intriguing the way the branches, you can see it yourself!

7. Seeing familiar faces at work today (regular customers) who have smiles on their faces.

8. Seeing MANY more täpläsievikki flowers blooming. At least 40 of them. :-D Here's a pic of two of the buds...

9. Remembering to leave a love note for hubby before I went to work today. :-D

10. Had a nice, long chat with a close friend before I went to work. :-D


  1. It's amazing you have all these plants lying dormant all this time and then coming alive to surprise you with pretty flowers. I would run to the garden every morning just to check what's in store.

  2. Haha, what a wonderful surprise to find out about the tiger lilies. :-D Hey, glad to hear about your parents' improve conditions. I hope they will get healthier soon.

  3. Glad to hear about your parents condition are getting better. Lovely shots, Mel.

  4. did he like the Love note?? it's nice to spend time as a couple when you are both in love! :)
    hope things continue to go well at work. Smiling faces are always a good sign.

  5. Blur Ting: Yeah, it happened 'coz I didn't know what the ex-home owners had planted before we moved here ('coz we moved in early spring when there was still snow) he he...

    CMG: THANKSSSS!!! I think my Dad's condition will improve after some time.

    Jul: THANKS, Jul...glad you enjoyed the pics!

    Vince: Well, he didn't say anything about the love note, but that day when I came back from work, he hugged me tightly HE HE HE HE...THANKS!!! Work has been better now that I remember many more things and I'm less anxious he he he...