Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interesting Article

When we went to my in-laws last Saturday, I read an interesting article in a magazine (Finnish Reader's Digest or Valitut Palat). The writer is wondering if women's age is equal to dogs' age he he...Why did she wonder about that?

Firstly, she read about a movie critic who said that Jennifer Aniston was too old to be a Bond girl (Jennifer Aniston mentioned in an interview that she wanted to be a Bond girl). However, in actuality Daniel Craig, the new Bond, is only a year older than Aniston.

The writer then mentioned other examples, such as Sally Field. In the movie "Punchline", she got the role of Tom Hanks' girlfriend. However, six years later, in "Forrest Gump", she became Tom Hanks' mother.

Another example was 36-year-old Anne Bancroft in the movie "The Graduate". There she played as a mature housewife, whereas 30-year-0ld Dustin Hoffman was a fresh college graduate.

What do you think, people?


  1. I think that perhaps age in Hollywood is something different than in the rest of the world :)

  2. @Rita: Indeed, but I also couldn't help thinking about humans' childbearing age difference he he...

  3. Hahaha! that is weird, eh? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our (women's) skin is subject to too much chemical in cosmetics making it age faster? Maybe..hehe

  4. women who go to Hollywood and are either models or are actresses are judged in a very very tough way. They get crapped on if they gain weight get older. It's terrible. Does anyone remember when Kate Winslet gained a few pounds and all the critics were taking potshots at her?
    You know it used to be worse. Hollywood executives could reject a person's name and call them Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell. They named actresses, ordered them not to get pregnant, told them to get abortions.
    Thank goodness it's not that bad now, but as you clearly point out, Amel, it's still bad.
    Those women shouldn't really be everyone's idea of feminine beauty.
    Personally, I really like women who are overweight AND older.

  5. Hahaha! I like that man's attitude!!!

  6. Even still, with regard to the article.. why did she relate a womans age to a dogs hollywood women? Where do the dogs come into the equation???

    I have another curious question..

    I was laid in bed last night, unable to sleep and it suddenly occurred to me.. Do blind people have dreams? Surely they its brainwave activity.. not purely the eyes response. However, if they have always been blind, they would have no signposts to conjure up for dreams.... Interesting.. I am on a quest to find out! I don't know any blind people to ask personally though...

    Trust me to come up with that!!!

  7. Having been reminded about my question.. I've just been to ever faithful Google and found out.. that YES, blind people DO dream... This was just one comment I found...

    Answer from somebody who has been blind since she was fairly young:

    " Yes, blind people do dream. What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see. If someone has been totally blind since birth, they only have auditory dreams. If someone such as I, has had a measure of sight, then that person dreams with that measure of sight. I still dream as though I can see, colors included. For people I've met since, their faces are just blurs or how I imagine they look. To me, someone like my mother looks forever 30. "

  8. I also found this.... which is quite sad: A critical period between ages five and seven determines whether a person will dream with visual imagery. People who’ve been blind from birth, or who lose their sight before age five, generally won’t have a visual component to their dreams. But people who lose their sight after age seven will.

  9. It's the same in our entertainment industry here in Asia. Maybe worse. At least good actresses like Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster are still in great demand. Here, many don't get lead roles anymore.