Friday, July 09, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Yesterday was a hot day at around 25'C, so I had time to read the rest of the novel until the end (it was the "light" English novel I bought in Crete - which turned out not to be too light 'coz it involves women who've been abused by a certain man).

2. Feeling that time was moving SLOWLY while sitting on the swing outside and reading the novel. It's an amazing feeling!!! It was FANTASTIC that I didn't have to work yesterday. Such a BRILLIANT day to be outside in the garden! :-D

3. The sexiness of hubby while he was seriously concentrating on building a new computer table for me (he ordered a new one and they came in pieces and he had to follow the instructions to build it). My, I have GREAT taste in men! LOL!!! ;-D

4. The rain today, so I didn't have to water the plants.

5. Yesterday I planted some seeds of kang kong and chye sim sent by Blur Ting. THANKS A LOT, Ting! I hope they thrive in my care, too, just like in yours!!!

6. Meeting an ex-Finnish course classmate at work and had a small talk with her. ;-D

7. The massage oil plan went VERY well. It was FUN (and it gives such a nice smell!) and we want to use it again HO HO HO HO HO...

8. Not experiencing any back pain or weird pain after lifting heavy stuff to the shelves at work.

9. The good feeling I got after exercising with my Wii yesterday. Yeah, babbyyyy!!!

10. Stool!!! Having one stool at work (and at home) is VERY beneficial for a short person like me. :-D

11. White butterflies in our garden.

12. Nice-smelling flowers at one end of the garden - they've started to bloom!!!


  1. Wah!!! Bunga2nya bagus, Mel. gileee..salut salut!!! hehe..Foto2nya juga bagus2! =) btw, kangkung gimana tanamnya yach? pengen..hehe..

  2. Shinta: The ex-home owners had planted the tree before we moved here, so I didn't have to do anything much. I watered it a few times and let the rain water it...and now the flowers have started blooming. I guess they're low-maintenance flowers.

    The yellow flowers behind me in the first pic are nature flowers. They grow on their own and I don't have to do anything he he...

    Got the kangkung seeds from Ting and I just planted some in a pot (I didn't use all 'coz I want to know first if they're gonna thrive or not) he he I'll let you know later how it goes, OK?

  3. I love that beautiful flower and CONTINUE TO LOVE 3BT !!

  4. ChicagoWing: THANKS, Vince! I LOVE 3BT, as well, 'coz it enables me to feel more grateful about life. :-D