Friday, July 30, 2010

Translating Documents

After getting married with hubby, I had to translate some documents to English using a sworn translator. Because I also needed someone to help me get the stamp and signature of some departments in Jakarta and I lived in Bandung at that time, I browsed through some advertisements on the newspaper and contacted some of them.

To those of you in dire need of translation services with affordable services, just click on the link. The company also offers a quick quote service to enable you to make sure whether or not your budget matches what they ask. What's more, their professional translation services doesn't have any word limit. So yes, even if you only have a short text to translate, you can ask for their help.

As a one stop provider of language translation services, their team is ready to translate 129 languages in 15 different file types to make it easier for you. Once the translation is done, you'll receive a notification to download the file. Best of all, they also promise to ensure that they will keep the same layout and format of the translated document. So, if you really need help translating something, why don't you check them out?

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