Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3BT: July 6th, 2010

1. The hottest day this summer at around 28'C under the sun (about 24'C under the shade).

2. Went to a nearby store to find myself a pair of jeans. My budget was only 15 Euros (I found a pair of jeans there at that price before) and found a pair that cost only 5 Euros (they were on a discount). YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

3. Because of #2 above, decided to buy a bottle of massage oil (for me and hubby to use later on before we change the bed sheets ahem...) and two bags of hubby's fave candies (salmiakki mix).

4. Slathered lots of mosquito repellent to read in the garden and enjoy the weather. Felt grand to read in the garden surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers all around you. (Note: I did sit on the swing set for a while, but it was too hot, so I moved to a shady place)

5. Watching the bees busily looking for nectar here and there all around me.

6. Lying down to enjoy the sky and the breeze in the shade and feeling sleepy after a while he he he...

7. Watch my plants growing (esp. by comparing their pics taken last month versus their conditions today).

8. Despite the fact that hubby snores and sometimes I have to kick him to change his position if he happens to fall asleep first, I can sleep better with him by my side than when I sleep alone.

9. The quietness of this place is such a BLESSING. While lying down in the garden, I could only hear the occasional sound of vehicles passing by the street and if I had let myself, I would have fallen asleep.


  1. Wow! I wish I could come over and sit there with you! haha...It's summer here too, finally! but the sun has been kinda shy, and temperature never goes above 10. Eniwe, so glad at least you have good weather there! Enjoy it!!! =) BEAUTIFUL pictures, by the way! =)

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  3. Wah, I would love to live there during summer!