Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Photos of the Day

Today was quite a day. In the morning until about midday, it was 30'C, then it started thundering and it rained for a while. Then the sun came out again for a while, then it got cloudy again (along with thunders) and now it's sunny again, though the temperature has dropped to 25'C.

Today I received my paycheck, but for some reason they made a mistake. I had submitted my tax card before I started working, but they must have not gotten it, 'coz they reduced my income by 60% (the law states that if the worker hasn't sent any tax card, they'd use 60% as my income tax). I was SHOCKED when I got the report, so tomorrow I have to tell someone at work about this so that it can be amended.

Now on to the pics...finally my kang kong seeds have germinated (they started germinating yesterday actually):

To Rita, here's the pic of the red flower and the leaves, so I don't think it's kurtturuusu 'coz the leaves are totally different.

Here are the flower buds of the above flower:

I guess this is sunflower, right?

We've just ordered a lawn mower, so our garden looks like a jungle ha ha ha many white flowers:

Here are the close-up pics of the flowers:

Wanna know how small they are? Here's a bee on top of the flower.

Okay, now I'm going to blog-hop a bit before sauna. Yesterday and today I did some gardening and also exercised using Wii he he he...I need a strong back for this part-time job, people...not to mention having a strong back is important for the rest of my life ha ha...


  1. Actually that plant looks like a kind of wild hisbicus that grows in our tropics. That yellow flower is not a sunflower.

  2. WOW! I really love your garden, Mel! all the white flowers! =)

  3. Hope you would add my blog. Thanks a lot. Keep blogging....

    Love your blog and you are added :) Keep up the good work and thanks for the kinds words. -- Kristen

  4. I love garden art. All your photo look great. Nice blog

  5. Ting: Oh, wild hibiscus? THANKS for letting me know...and it's not sunflower, eh? HI HI HI...OK my mistake then.

    Shinta: The white flowers are wild flowers. I didn't do anything and they just grew rampant ha ha...

    @Nasa Images: THANKS 4 UR message, I'll add you shortly.

    @Beth: THANK YOU, that we have our own garden I can take more pics of all the garden inhabitants he he...

  6. Err...sorry to tell you Amel, but the white 'flowers' are WEEDS and that is why they are rampant! We have that a lot in UK gardens too.. Oho! It is White Clover.

    I agree, that yellow flower is not a sunflower. The central part of a sunflower is more often than not a dark brown, almost black colour and there is no gap between the petals, which are also broader in shape. I am sorry, but I do not know what that flower is!

    Sorry to hear about your salary.