Monday, July 26, 2010

Reflection: The World I Knew

Most of this post was written last Friday:

I've been listening to some old Indonesian songs that I loved tonight. I have this eerie feeling of being transported back in time and space...I could almost smell the things I used to smell there and for a second I wasn't really in Finland at all. A whole different world enveloped me for that split second and it was quite an experience. The smells, the culture, the atmosphere, the custom...everything...and I feel like a different person now than the me back then. Not only 'coz of the time difference, but also 'coz I've been living in a whole different country and I've been absorbing different customs and culture and smells inside my head.

My home country is a strange country for me now. There have been so many changes happening there that I don't know. New buildings are built, new shops are opened, some old shops are closed, some old buildings have been torn down, political situations have changed, some people look older, some kids have grown so much in the past few years, some people have died, some babies have been born, some people have gotten married, some people have separated, etc. There are so many other little things that create the web of life that have escaped me.

The world I knew back then no longer existed. I guess I've known about this all along, but this time it just hit me with a bigger force than before...this wave of realization...what an experience!

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  1. We cannot go back... It isn't really possible. Or is it?

    I know this in a small scale, I come from Tampere but live in Helsinki :)

  2. @Rita: Nope, we cannot go back. The music did transport me there for a little while, though - to that certain period of time and space he he...It's nostalgic. :-)))

  3. I totally know what you mean! I grew up in Thailand. 1-8 years old in Thailand, moved to Louisiana for 6 years and back to Thailand for 5 more years. Moving back to the states was really weird for me but this passes Christmas I went back to Louisiana with my husband and everything had changed.
    I realized then that home really is where the heart is. Where ever my family is, is home.

  4. Oh man! I know what you mean! *sigh* looking at all photos always give me that feeling!

  5. I so get what you are talking about - its as if you are a stranger to the very thing you were born into

  6. Places change and we also adapt to new environments. Now I know why people can migrate and fit in nicely into their new home and never want to return.

  7. I have the same feelings with you when the last time I visited Jakarta. In Jkt, too many shopping mall now :D

  8. Phoebe: Hey, THANKS for sharing your experience with us. I agree completely with you that home is where the heart is. :-D

    Shinta: I guess listening to music affects me more than looking at pics he he...

    Random Magus: Hi, Amber. Long time no see! Nice to see you here. :-))) Indeed it's a strange feeling to be a stranger in your own homeland.

    Ting: Indeed. I can't think of living in Indo again - though of course if I REALLY must, I can adapt again, but now that I know this world, I want to stay here he he...

    Jul: HA HA Bandung there's too much traffic jam 'coz lots of people from Jkt come to Bdg during the weekend!!!

  9. I totally know where you are coming from on this blog. The Bournemouth I love most, is the Bournemouth of my childhood. It doesn't exist anymore... but the way you wrote this blog..about people dying, being born etc.. is so much what I feel too.

    Good blog! x

  10. Mrs. Rainbow: I knew you'd understand. :-))) Glad you enjoyed this post!