Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why, Birdie, Why?

I worked on Fri and Saturday, so didn't have much time to do anything else, especially 'coz yesterday we went straight to my in-laws after I got back from work. In Kelujärvi where my in-laws live, there were so many young birdies flying about - but some of those unexperienced baby birdies flew SO fast and banged themselves against the windows. I saw two of them flew again right after they banged themselves on some window - the "collision" was hard enough that I could actually hear the noise, you know?

One time MIL was worried after we heard the bang on the window, so she and I went out to find out if it had lived or not ('coz we didn't see it fly back up). It was lying on the ground under the window...good thing the grass was tall and thick, so it provided a cushion after the fall, but still it was such a loud bang that the little birdie must have at least been seeing stars.

MIL picked it up to check on it and it was screaming as she did so - probably afraid that we might do something bad to it or something. Here are some pics that I took:

MIL held it for a while and then decided to try to put it on a pole to see if it would fly, but fell down again, but don't worry, as I said the grass was thick, so it wasn't a painful fall. I was going to lift it up again from the grass, but then it finally FLEW!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! Mission accomplished! The birdie probably just needed some time to recover from the shock. MIL was worried that if it couldn't fly again, some big bird would eat it. Yeah, the law of nature is brutal.

Anyhow, I was SHOCKED to see that the chye sim seeds that I planted on Thursday have germinated already!!! Here are two pics of them:

WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Hope they continue growing well. Now I'll blog-hop a little. Tomorrow I've gotta work again (morning shift), so hopefully I can sleep early tonight 'coz if I lack sleep or am too tired, it's gonna be hard to concentrate on telling the customers in Finnish how much they have to pay ha ha ha ha...

Oh yeah, but first two last pics of my other plant that I wasn't sure would actually germinate...Nemophila Maculata or Baby Blue Eyes or Five Spot or Täpläsievikki in Finnish. There are no flowers yet, but they are growing pretty well, I think. I forgot when I planted the seeds - must be about a month ago. Can't wait to see the flowers!!! (hope they'll produce flowers for me!!!)


  1. Awful to see birds that hurt themselves. Last summer I saw a fieldfare in the nets that covered our strawberries (meant to protect the berries). The bird couldn't get out of the tangled net, so I helped, It wasn't easy but I managed. The next day it happened again, but I came too late. The poor bird had hanged himself :( This year we bought a metal mesh, no more nets!

    As for windows - better not wash them. Then the birds don't make a mistake.

    Good luck with your flower and vegetable garden!

  2. The soil looks really fertile. No wonder everything grows so well.

  3. Poor bird :(( Love to see your plants growing as well, Amel.

  4. Blur Ting: You think? My MIL bought me a sack of the soil, which I used for the seeds. :-)))

    Juliana: Yeah, poor bird...THANKS, Jul! I'm happy to see my plants growing well too he he...

  5. Rita: Ouch about the birds...:-((( My MIL also covered their strawberry field with net, but never saw any bird getting stuck there.

    Yeah, it may be better not to clean the windows...but then again due to the long winter here, there's no better time to clean up the windows except in early summer (before the mosquitoes come out). THANKS for your support about my gardening effort!

  6. Duh, merinding liat foto2 burungnya. Gw takut burungggg!! hahahhaa.. =P You have chyme in your garden??!! WOW! I tried to plant chyme died..hahah =P

  7. Shinta: Dia ga papa kok, bisa terbang lagi yang penting kan he he...cuman pusing aja kali seudah nabrak jendela. Chyme? Bukan chyme, tapi caisim he he...gua kaga nanem di kebon, tapi di pot...sebab kalo di luar dingin gua taro di dalem da takut mati ntar si bibitnya...