Friday, July 30, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. My täpläsievikki (Nemophila maculata) has finally produced flowers! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

2. Ice-cream on hot summer days/nights...

3. Hubby getting me the movies I'd told him I wanted. :-D
THANK YOU, Bunny!!!

4. Got a tablecloth as a present from my MIL's elder sister. It matches the colour of our carpet in the kitchen!

5. Though my parents are sick, they found out about it before it got worse. And my brother and wife are there to help them ASAP if they need any help.

6. Finding a warm toilet carpet on a bargain, so I bought one for our downstairs toilet 'coz in winter the floor is SO SO SO cold.

7. Our lawn mower has arrived and R2 says that it's his job to cut the grass HA HA HA HA...And after cutting off the grass, lots of mosquitoes have run away ('coz they've lost their hiding places). YEEEEEESSS!!!!

8. Having a part-time job instead of a full-time job, so even though I sometimes get evening shifts, on other days I can still spend plenty of quality time with R2 (who has an 8-to-4 job).


  1. You really do take some amazing flower pictures.

    Love the table cloth, it's very cheerful.

    I wish your parents better.

  2. Hope your parents are doing better

  3. The World According to Me: THANKS, Nikki! Glad you enjoyed my pics. My parents are doing better already, THANKS!!!

    Random Magus: Yeah, they are, THANK YOU for your concern. They need to keep on watching their diet and taking good care of themselves, though. :-)))

  4. The table cloth is really nice! So is your kitchen.

  5. Good, I hate mosquitoes! I have 2 shifts, 8am to 4pm and 12pm to 8pm and only a day off. Sometimes, I realize that I don't have quality time with hubby too and even my parents. Am trying to find ways to manage my time. ;-)

    You have so many beautiful flowers at your house compound, and the table cloth looks just nice. :-)