Sunday, November 11, 2007

My First Snowman!!! YIIIIHHHAAA!!!!

As you all probably know, I made my own snowman yesterday with the help of my hubby. Making a snowman wasn't as easy as I thought. I'd always thought that it'd be easy to make round balls and then combine them into a big snowman. Wrong!!! First of all, the snow had to be a bit wet so that the snow particles would be stuck to one another. Otherwise it'd just be like trying to make a sand castle from dry sand.

Hubby taught me how to make it at first. He made a small snowball and told me to roll it over. He said that apparently the snow wasn't too wet, so every now and then some part of the ball I made kept on falling off to the ground, so I had to press it back to the big ball. After a while, I couldn't even care less anymore whether it was totally round or not as long as I could make it big enough for the bottom part of the snowman. Boy, the snowball got SO heavy after a while that I started sweating profusely!!!

Once I was done, I had to make the second one he he he...This time it was easier to make as I knew already what to do. All this while, my nose got SO runny but I didn't want to stop yet as I had to take off one glove to get the tissue from my pants' pocket. So imagine me rolling down a snowball with a runny nose hi hi hi hi...Not exactly a good image, isn't it? Next time I try making a snowman, I think I'd better plug my nose with some tissue hi hi hi hi hi hi hi...

Anyway, then hubby put the second snowball on top of the bigger one and he said I still had to make another one for the face. I couldn't care less and let him make the smallest snowball. I was so busy adding more and more snow to both of my snowballs to make my snowman look "plumper". I didn't want to make a skinny snowman, thank you very much. It wouldn't look good he he he he he...My nose started to get runny again and I was still sweaty...but finally after a long while (I got a bit obsessed patching up my snowman with more snow to make it plumper), we were done.

I ran inside to get my camera and my mother-in-law told me that I need some decorations for the mouth and eyes and stuff, so she opened up this little hatch beneath the fireplace and took out some embers of wood (side note: I don't know if embers is the correct term for it, so correct me if you know the right one) and put them inside a plastic bag. By that time, Arttu got inside the house as he probably thought it took me a long time to get my camera ha ha ha...

I went outside again to decorate my snowman but turned out it wasn't that easy either to jam those stuff to the snowball, so I let Arttu do it after I put the eyes. He came outside bringing a blue pipo (woolen cap) for the snowman he he he he he...Too bad we didn't find any fallen branches to make the arms, but anyhow, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's two pics of the snowman he he he...What do you think? ;-D

Next time I'll remember to bring some clothes to change as my T-shirt got SO wet already by the time I finished making this snowman. I told hubby that I wanted to make a snow woman next to him and he joked to me, "Yeah, leave them there for a night and the next morning there'll be a snow kid." LOL LOL!!!

Speaking of our hubby's voice is SEXY. You know what I mean, right? When your nose is runny, then your voice starts to be sexy ha ha ha ha...I think I've been safe so far 'coz we've avoided kissing each other's lips for a few days...I MISS kissing his lips!!! Oh...the things we take for granted!!! Tsk...I can't wait to kiss his lips again. This is PURE TORTURE!!! He he he he he...

Anyway, other than my snowman pic, I want to share Lapland pics with you. Here are some pics taken while I was going out the other day. This is November in Lapland and here are the view of the streets I usually walked by when going downtown.

First pic: the street right outside our apt. building.

Second pic: for some reason I've always loved looking at this house, esp. in summer there'll always be plenty of flowers in the garden and a small elf statue outside. ;-D

Third pic: This is a part of downtown Sodankylä. The part that said "Kirppis" is the flea market that I often visit. The other two next to it are beauty salons. ;-D

Fourth pic: Another view of the street near my apt. building, taken from the other end.

Fifth pic: Just a pic of the snowy branches he he he he he...I find it fascinating to see! ;-D

Last pic: A pic taken when it was already dark. It was around 7 pm when I took this pic if I remember correctly. This pic was taken in the parking lot of our apt. building.


  1. Wow .. You made that snowman!! I am so proud of you. Thanks for these snowy pictures. It was also like this at this time of the year when I was Holland & Germany. Your pictures has brought back some nice recollections to me.

    Enjoy the snow girl. But be sure you are well covered up. Winter time is also a time that is very easy to be down with a bad flu. I had one when I was in Germany and I could not get out of bed for a week!!

  2. WaterLearner: Hi, Karen! Yeah...yup, I was well covered indeed. That was why I was sweaty hi hi hi...I prepared a sweater specially for the purpose of going out to make the snowman. Right now I'm trying not to catch the flu bugs from my hubby he he he he...

    I wouldn't want to be sick, either. It's not fun plus I still have my Finnish classes to attend to he he he he...THX for the warning! ;-D

  3. Ha ha...that was a fun experience. It wasn't round enough, though...ha ha ha...but nice try...he he he...

    Funny when your hubby mentioned about the snow kid he he he...

    I just love the pics, Amel...It's like me singing, "OOH!! What a feeling!!" LOL!!

  4. Choc Mint Girl: Hey, Crystal...yeah, I wanted to make it rounder but it would take a longer time. I'm planning on making a bigger and rounder one next time. Trust me, it took a hell lot of time to patch the original snowballs into that shape he he he...At first the snowman looked so weird ha ha ha ha ha...

    Yeah, my hubby's crazy ha ha ha ha...Wish you and I could make a snowman together, though!!! ;-D

  5. that is great I love the snowman. you did a good job. the pictures are pretty. I like the one of the house. I cant wait for it to snow here. oh and the sexy cold voice I think my hubby sounds sexy when he sick sure to stay healthy and have a nice day :) and thanks for the HUGS I NEED THAT YESTERDAY:) HUGS TO YOU.

  6. Stacy: Glad you enjoyed the pics! Yeah, I also like the house and hope someday I can own one HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    Your hubby's voice is sexy too when he's sick? LOL!!!

    Hey, it's MY pleasure about giving you the hug. We all need it every now and then! ;-D

  7. YAYyyyyyyyyy Amelia WTG!! That's a great snowman. And I love the pictures. As a matter of fact I love your blog. That is why I have something for you over to my place please.

    God Bless,

  8. Shinade: Glad to liked the pic, Jackie!!!

    An award for me? OHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I'm SO honoured!!! THANK YOU!!!

    God bless you too!!!

  9. Cool snowman! I always tried to make one when i was a kid but i never succeeded! :P

  10. Hi, Ratu Syura!

    It wasn't easy, was it? Well, at least you tried! ;-D

    Now my wrists are sore 'coz of the effort I exerted yesterday to make it he he he...but I'm going to make another one later. Good to practise and make a better one next time he he...

  11. I want snow! Love the snowman.

  12. Beautiful pictures of your town Amel! Your snowman looks good. I know how difficult it is to make one. Mine usually turn out quite deformed :-)

  13. Love the snowman, and all your pictures! Looks like so much fun!

  14. I blog this.. I BLOG THIS!! I put all my comments for you in my blog.. too beautiful! waaaa!!!!

  15. Ohhh the snow is beautiful!

    I don't like driving in it but it sure is fun to PLAY in!

    And congratulations on your very first snowman! May there be many more in your future! LOL!


  16. Karen: He he he...I wish you could help me make another snowman! ;-D It'd be fun if we all gather together to make snowmen and then have a nice cup of hot chocolate plus newly-baked buns...YUMMY!!!

    Blur Ting: Deformed? Ahhhh...yeah, it wasn't easy at all. I had to patch mine up with plenty more snow before I finally felt satisfied enough he he he...

    Kathy: Yup, SO MUCH FUN indeed. That's why I plan on doing it again next time I go to my in-laws before the snow gets too dry to make one he he he...

    Trinity: THANK YOUUUUU for blogging about meeee in your blog he he he he...

    Jennifer: Yup, it's beautiful still 'coz it's not melting yet he he he...Gladly I don't drive, either, so I'm safe hi hi hi...

    THANK YOU for your nice words! Amen may there be many more in my future. ;-D

  17. hi I like you snowman good job

  18. Hi, Kelcey!

    THANKS for dropping by!!! ;-D Glad you enjoyed my snowman pic! ;-D