Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had wanted to blog-hop on Saturday and Sunday, but then hubby told me on Saturday morning that we'd spend a night at my in-laws, so we packed our things and went there. Friday night hubby went to the bars with his brothers and his second brother's girlfriend. I didn't go as I was so tired already. I baked a cake for my FIL's belated b-day he he he...

In case you wanna know, I tried making this yogurt cake. My first yogurt cake ever!!! And it turned out fine. I made some slight changes to the recipe since I only had frozen strawberries. I also added a layer of blackcurrant jam as the topping prior to baking. However, I decided not to spread some strawberries in the middle of the batter (as the recipe said) since I was afraid that my cake would get wet (I tried doing such a thing before and it didn't work well).

Here are two pics of my cake:

Don't wonder why the frosting is that way, though. It was the first time I tried doing it this way, so it was really messy HI HI HI HI...But it doesn't really matter since we all managed to eat the WHOLE cake (I used a baking pan with a 25 cm diameter) in two days (my FIL, MIL, me, hubby, his two brothers, and the youngest son of his first brother). :-D

We played Mölkky again on Saturday evening, though it had got slightly colder by then. At night my MIL, me, hubby, and his two brothers played Unno until 2 am ha ha ha ha ha...Sunday afternoon I was SO tired that I took a nap for a few hours when hubby and his brothers had to something with my FIL.

I also took some pics when I was there.

First pic: The flagpole fell down, so they tried to tear away the rest of the pole, though it was hard to do, since it was deep and there were rocks around the bottom of the pole. Good thing was that it didn't fall over my MIL's and our cars. Otherwise it'd have done severe damage to our cars!!! Phew!!!

Then more pics of her garden he he he...

Yeah, yeah, I was just playing around with my digital camera hi hi hi...

Time to blog-hop now before I have to make some buns. I'm waiting for the dough to rise for the time being HE HE HE HE HE...;-D

P.S. On Saturday I managed to talk A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT with my MIL about many things, including diapers and cultural differences between Indo and Finland. I think it was the longest talk I had ever had with her and I'm going to continue this habit hi hi hi...After all, she seems very interested in getting to know Indonesian cultures, as well.

My kind-hearted MIL also asked me to think about what gift or souvenir she should buy for my Mom before I go to Indo in October. BLESS HERRRRRRRR!!! I'm SO BLESSED for having such a MIL. I hope she lives long and healthily so that she can see our kid(s) he he he...


  1. omg...your cake is yummy :D

    oh update PR again. I just see at my PPP acccount :((

  2. Lovely scrummy looking cake and flash you in the glasses! :D Looking good!!! :D

    Glad you got to chat with your Mother in Law so much!

    Finally got to my blog today..after a bit of a break.. how the days fly by!

  3. You're getting really good at baking. That cake looks better than store bought ones!

  4. Zac is going to bark at me to make the strawberry cake if he sees your post. He just heart strawberry
    I just bought some choco bars. Going to bake a choco truffle cake tmr :)

  5. oh WOW, that cake looks gorgeous. I love strawberries. :-P see? My tongue is hanging out drooling here!

    Your in-laws sound very nice people, which is good because you are very nice and deserve an equally nice new family there. :-)

  6. Your cake looks gorgeous!
    Nice to hear about your weekend and your solid relationship with the in-laws.

  7. ~Salutations Amel~

    I am an expat similar to yourself, but with some substantial differences.

    The cakes look positively scrumptious! Did you actually share them with others?

    Plus you look posh in your sunglasses!

  8. That food looks awesome. You look happy in the pictures. Hope you continue to enjoy your summer

  9. Jul: Oh no...I hope your PR doesn't go down too much. Mine is now 2. Oh well...

    Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: THANKS for your compliment he he he...yeah, the days fly by so fast indeed!!! ;-D

    Blur Ting: THANKSSSS!!! ;-D I want to keep on baking and trying different recipes he he...

    Janice: Oh, Zac loves strawberries so much, eh? Well, maybe you should try baking one. It's not that hard he he he...Choco sounds GOOD to me!!! ;-D

    Michelle: HA HA HA HA HA...wish I could share some with you! ;-D And THANKS for your complimenttttt!!! ;-D (((HUGS)))

    Jul: Something for me? I'll go visit you soon. THANKS in advance! ;-D

    The World According to Me: Glad you loved my cake! ;-D And yeah, I don't know what I'd do if I don't get along well with my in-laws he he...

    Eye Candy: THANKS for your visit and compliments! So you're an expat, too? I'll visit your blog later! And yes, I made the cake to share it, 'coz I don't want to eat the whole thing. Too much is just too much he he he...

    Vince: GLAD you enjoyed the pics. Yep, I'm enjoying my summer here he he...

  10. Hey Amelia!

    I always knew that you MIL was a superb lady; but now I am even more kind of lady :D!

    Your cake looks great, girl!!! Congrats!! I could eat a slice of it LOL!

    Have I told you that you look great? I think I did, but do look great! :D

    Keep having fun, beautiful! And have a superb Summer :D!


  11. Oh my goodness, that cake looks delicious :) Can I have a piece next time you prepare one? :)