Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Car Trip #3: Pori + Jazz Festival

Where were we the last time? Oh yeah, we were on our way to Pori. I took some pics on the way to Pori. Here they are:

Finally we arrived at my BIL's and SIL's place. Arttu was left home since he was tired, so my SIL and I went SHOPPPINNNNGGGGG!!! She took me downtown, but only to the cheap(er) stores. There are HUGE discounts everywhere, since summer is soon over and autumn/winter fashion will be out again. Below is a pic of downtown Pori:

Here's a pic of my beloved SIL and our HUGE salad dinner. We didn't manage to eat the entire plate since it was such a HUGE portion he he he he he...

And after we got back to her place, I took pics of her beautiful flowers:

The next day my BIL and SIL still had to work, so in the morning Arttu and I went to Yyteri beach. Unfortunately it was SO windy and cold there, but there were still some people SWIMMING!!! I can't believe it!!! Look at my outfit HE HE HE HE HE...After a while, my ears got so painful that I had to put on my hood!!!

Near that beach there's this observation tower, so we went there to view Pori from above.

Here's one of the pictures. Yep, it was a cloudy day then he he he...

After that we had lunch in one of the restaurants at the beach and then we headed downtown again. Boy, it was HARD to find a parking place. We finally found one farther away from downtown, so we walked there. After we were finished, we got lost HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Glad we had our GPS with us, so we sat on this bench to find our way back to the parking lot where we parked our car.

Psst...we parked it in the parking lot of an empty school HI HI HI HI...It's empty 'coz everybody's on summer holiday ha ha ha ha ha...

When we got back to BIL's and SIL's place, I took a shower since I felt dirty and sticky and then got prepared to go to the free concert that featured all the local musicians. The day before I bought this hat, what do you think? Guess how much it cost?!?!?!?! Only 2 € HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, I was confused on what to wear since it was an outdoor area and the weather prediction was bad (cloudy and cold). So I decided to put on my thin long john pants underneath my trousers and I also put on a tank top underneath the blue T-shirt and I brought TWO jackets with me!!!

And look at the weather now! It was SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Maybe there were so many people praying for good weather so that it became like this! I couldn't bear it he he he he...

We had to walk from the parking lot to the park and there were SO many people thereeeeeeeeeeee...We had to cross a bridge in order to get to the park where the concert was held. Here are some pics I took:

And here's the stage:

Look what he's trying to rent! HA HA HA HA HA HA...

More and more and more people came in after us...We arrived there already at around 5 pm even though the concert only started at 6 pm, but there were so many people already!

Since the weather turned out to be so hot, even before the concert started, I went to the toilet to take off my long john and I immediately took off my T-shirt he he he he...Now I felt MUCH better!!! ;-D

Here are some more views around the area:

This is the church that you can also see from the above picture:

After the concert was over at around 9.40 pm (by that time I was GLAD I brought two jackets with me since it got cooler and cooler as time went by), we walked back to the parking lot and again I took some pics:

This picture is the continuation of the first one:

If I remember correctly, this is the City Hall or something ha ha ha ha...

I don't know what building this is, but it looks interesting enough for me (the design, that is):

Okay, I'm going to blog-hop only tomorrow. I'm pretty tired right now and I need to relax. I'm going to continue later with the trip to Helsinki, OK? ;-D


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  2. I love the flowers!! Thanks for the tour of Pori. The weather can really change huh? It's always safer to bring an extra jacket or two for you never know when you're gonna need it.

  3. Those are great pictures, Amel. I like the hat you wore in one of the pictures taken.

  4. still amazes me how detailed you record your journeys :D. I wish I had time and willpower to do that hihi! Gigabytes of photos are just rotting away in my PC :P

    BTW, just looked up on google map just how far Pori is from Kemi...and you know what?? It's only a biiitt further than driving from my place to Jul's, huahahahahahhh...

    Seriously tempted of getting a car before having kids, hihihi..

    Eeehh..wait a minute...that's weird...the distance is further, but the travel time shorter (double checking - yup, that's right)- did they calculate the highways and the non exsistance of speed limit?? Weird...

  5. Michael: Okie dokie! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Glad you enjoyed the trip. ;-D And yep, the weather is unpredictable he he...

    Vince: You like the hat, too? GREAT! ;-D

    Fei: Well, it does take time to do that. I also feel a bit lazy to do it, but I just want to remember everything...and tell everybody everything I remember ha ha...

    So Kemi to Pori is about the same as your place to Jul's, eh? Interesting he he he...

    If getting a car is really important to you, then I hope you get what you wish for! ;-D

  6. It looks like you've had a brilliant time.
    I love the first and last pic of the flowers. And the observation tower and the church. In fact, I love all the pics. Thanks for sharing. Can you share some of that huge salad too please?!

  7. omg...beautiful photos, mel. Love photos in bridge :D cute hat also, not bad for 2 euro :D

  8. Cool pics Amelia. I loved your hat :)

  9. The World According to Me: Wish I could share salad with you while talking to you. Would be SO MUCH FUN! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    Jul: Yeah, the hat is cheap, right? HE HE HE HE HE HE...

    La delirante: Glad you enjoyed the pics and the hat he he...

  10. Wah so many beautiful flowers!! I love flower garden, Mel.. you are blessed! Being able to travel to many 'rare' places in this world! :-D

  11. Trinity: Yeah, I also love flower gardens he he he...And yeah, you're right about being in rare places he he he...