Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Supplies for Diabetics

My Dad has had diabetes since he was around 40 years old. Ever since then, he has to be careful about his food intake and he also has to use blood glucose test strips to make sure that his glucose level isn't too high. If you also suffer from diabetes, I've found a website that offers free blood glucose meter if you buy some of their blood glucose test strips.

Other than that, they also provide different types of diabetic supplies, including diabetic skin care, diabetic snacks, etc. They also give out some important comparison charts on glucose meter and urine strip.

Back to my Dad...he's been doing pretty well for someone with diabetes. When he was first diagnosed with it, he was crushed! He had to undergo a strict diet since his glucose level was VERY VERY high at that time. However, I'm glad that he's managed to take good care of his health by continuing the diet scheme and not eating too much sweet stuff. Boy, he used to LOVE eating sweet stuff so much!!! Anyway, I hope my Dad will continue enjoying his health until the day he dies...


  1. It sounds like your Dad has done a very good job with his diet which should allow him to live a long time. So many people with diabetes can't change their eating habits. My father-in-law has had diabetes for several decades. He is still alive and well at 81. He does have problems with his kidneys but for someone with diabetes he is doing pretty well.
    Do you think the healthcare where your Dad lives, Indonesia, is pretty good? How does it compare to Finland?

  2. Vince: Yeah, he's a pretty disciplined person, but sometimes my Mom would remind him to cut back on sugary stuff he he IS not easy to cut back on things you really enjoy. ;-D

    Your FIL is still alive until that age? WOW! I'm glad to hear he's doing pretty well even though he has kidney problems.

    Well, healthcare in Indo is pretty good as long as you've got money ha ha ha ha...I think in Finland the best thing is that it's much cheaper than in Indo since it's covered by insurance.