Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Holidayyyyyyyy Time!

What are you planning to do on your summer holiday? Arttu and I have been talking about going somewhere next week, BUT we don't know yet for sure, so I'm not going to tell you yet hi hi hi...One thing for sure is that Arttu wants to go to an amusement park in Helsinki and he wants to drive there. We'll see if it happens or not. I'm gonna keep you updated about this, okay?

To those of you who still haven't taken their holiday, why don't you check out Cabo San Lucas vacation rental? Before moving to Finland, I didn't understand very well why people want to go to beaches and sunny places. NOW I totally understand why. During those dark, wintry nights, you may long for the sun so much.

Anyway, let me also give you the links to Cabo San Lucas accomodation and Cabo San Lucas villa in case you might need them. One thing for sure is that I'd love to stay in a villa someday on my vacation, even for just one night he he he...

Now let me daydream and think of our vacation plan. I'd really be happy if our plan comes through, you know? ;-D After all, it's all a NICE surprise as I hadn't expected that Arttu could take any days off from work during summer. ;-D


  1. How's your day dream coming along? Sounds like it was a very nice surprise to hear he's taking some days off.

    I'm off to a cottage in a beautiful part of the UK in October. But I need a holiday before that! Unfortunately it's down to finances where I go. I may just take some time off and have a few day trips with friends. And pray for nice weather!

  2. The World According to Me: Yeah, it was an even better surprise 'coz we didn't expect him to have a week off in summer he he he...

    You're off to a cottage in Oct? HAVE FUN theeennn...wish you LOTS of sunshine he he he...I know what you mean about money. I wish I could also go someplace else but the money is tight he he...

  3. Ooh, Cabo looks amazing! I've seen the rich kids go there on the Laguna Beach tv show :D

    I'm a lucky brat, so I still have sooo many plans for the holidays... I'm going to some mountains here in the Czech Republic for a week to do tae-bo (three times a day, it's going to hurt...), then I might go river riding with friends for a couple of days and finally I'll go to Spain for three weeks - to improve my Spanish and get a nice tan in the meantime :) Feel free to hate me LOL

  4. Bitter Chocolate: THREE times a day? WOW, yeah, it's gonna hurt indeed he he...HAVE FUN on your holidays! It's WONDERFUL to travel when you have the time and money he he...and no, I can't hate you and I won't he he he...