Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Kissing and Culture

I once had an interesting talk with a friend on the subject of kissing. She's a big fan of Korean drama series. She told me that she was watching one particular Korean drama series that really disturbed her. Why? Because in the series, the leading male character kissed the leading female character in such a way that was usually not the "kissing norm" in Asian drama series. You see, usually if there's a kissing scene, then it'll only involve lips and it's just a brief kiss, not a long one. 

I told her that the funny thing is that, when we watched Hollywood movies for example and we saw a rather longish hot, passionate kissing scene (or even more than one), we wouldn't feel disturbed by it. She agreed with me and she also started to wonder why he he he...

Even though the art of lovemaking in any country and culture involves many many more "intimate details" than kissing, but still it's rather disturbing in Asia to see some Asians kissing each other "hotly" in movies or even in real life. It does sound funny, doesn't it? But I guess that's what culture does to your mind. Plus in Indonesia, the censorship committee will cut off any kissing scenes (or other "more intimate" scenes) from any movies. If I remember correctly, if a kissing scene is over 3 seconds long, then it'll be cut off.

During the old days, the bride and groom in Indonesia never kissed each other on their wedding day. These days many include "you may kiss the bride" line at church, even though some brides are still shy enough to ask the groom to kiss their forehead instead of their lips. And usually the MC in their wedding party also asks them to share a kiss in front of all the guests. And mind you, the kiss is usually very brief HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Psstttt...I also asked Arttu to make it VERY short prior to our wedding ceremony, you know? I just don't want to make the elders feel "disturbed" (or uneasy would be a better term, I guess) he he he he he...After all, we can always have plenty of kisses later on HA HA HA HA HA...

Well, speaking of kisses, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 'em!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!  

May you have plenty of sincere, loving kisses in your lifetimeeeeeeeee...


  1. Hey Amel,

    First of all, congratilations on your new looks! I loved it :D! Blue really become you ;D!

    Second, I didn't know that public kissing made Asians feel uncomfortable (I learned a new thing today)! On this side of the world we are so used to see public displays of love and affection, that we often obliterate that on other cultures it might be different *nodding*!

    Now this made me think of, no problem there either (although you cannot be having your hand on your boy/girlfriend's butt, in public, like the Portuguese do lol)!

    It is interesting to see how different cultures react to TLC displays in public!

    Great post, darling!

    I hope everything is fine with you (have you already left for that week of vacation?)!


  2. That's true. Asian's are usually more subtle about feelings. Kissings are politely short in public.

    How are you doing?

  3. Dropping by to say Hi... hope you are doing good ;0

  4. hi amel,

    you are in vacation isn't it???

  5. I don't think there's any culture that is more open about intimacy then the USA (which is good). I think the fact that it seems strange that Asians do it only means that you're not used to seeing that.

  6. Now that i live here, i know the difference of the cultures between europe and asia. I open my mind more and more here than when i was still in indo. Actually if i watched the korean series, i think that korean lifestyle is more modern and open than in our hometown country.

  7. Max: Glad you loved this blue theme he he he...

    WHAT? In Portugal it's okay to have your hand on your lover's butt in public places? WOW!!! I didn't know that. It's good to learn new things about other places indeed he he...

    And yes, my trip went very fine, thanks, albeit tiring hi hi hi...

    WaterLearner: Yep, I knew you'd understand he he he...I've been doing fine, Karen, thanks! ;-D

    Hye: THANKS for the visit! I've been doing great! ;-D

    Jul: Yep, I wrote the post with draft blogger he he...

    Vince: Yeah, but it's not looked upon as a good thing in Indo to be outwardly too affectionate in public places he he...

    Jeanne: Yeah, your observation is right about Korean versus Indonesian he he he...