Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Renovating

A friend of mine is still undergoing house renovation right now. She's sent us some sofa pictures. She says that it's not easy to pick the right type of furniture for her house. Whether you like classic or modern furniture, what's important is that the things you buy don't go over your budget and they should look good when they're put together in a room (especially if your house has a unique colour combination). Definitely not an easy task to do, especially if you have to buy many things!

I've never been good at designing, so I think if we'll ever own a house, I'll let hubby do the hard work HA HA HA HA HA...I know he'll also ask for my opinion, but I know he has a better ability to view everything in 3D inside his mind prior to buying any furniture.

Speaking of furniture, what type of furniture do you like best? Do you also like modern furniture like I do? Do you like leather or corduroy or any other fabric for your sofa? I actually prefer leather sofa. And one thing I love the most is that when a sofa is comfortable enough for me to take a nap there, don't you agree with me? (Yeah, I'm such a sleepyhead, am I not? HE HE)


  1. I like leather sofas also. Any fabric that is soft is good too. I love easy chairs, couches, sofas. Anything that you can lay on

  2. Vince: ME TOO!!! I'm a sleepyhead, so it's no wonder I love sofas or sofabeds where I can take a nap hi hi hi...