Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mitral Valve Repair and Surgery

Do you know anyone who has mitral valve problem? Even if you don't know someone who has such a problem, I've found a website where you can find info about mitral valve disorders. I sure do hope that nobody I know has this kind of problem, since it sounds so serious as it involves the valve that pumps to the left ventricle of our heart. If the valve doesn't close well, blood will flow into our lungs. If the valve doesn't open well, then blood can't flow well from the lungs to the rest of our body parts.

The website provides information about mitral valve repair as well as mitral valve surgery. After all, it's much better not to undergo a surgery if you can avoid it, don't you think so? And do you know that there's now also a videoscopic minimally invasive mitral valve repair? This is a much better option for patients as their breastbone doesn't have to be cut open to repair the valve. If you're wondering about this procedure, just click on one of the links!

On a last note, I hope that all of us stay healthy so that we don't have to go through any repair or surgery procedure! Cheers to health! :-)))


  1. yes I know what that is. I worked at a hospital from 1991 -2002 and then again from 2003 - 2007. I read heart rhythms ( you know the one where it goes in a straight line it means your dead)
    But mitral valve is locate at your atrium and allows the blood to flow into the heart and ultimately to the ventricle which pumps it out. The valves have to have a very good synchronicity to it and if they don't bad health is going to happen.

  2. Vince: THANKS for the info about the valve!!! :-)))) It's amazing to know more about the wonders of our bodies!