Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fish Out of Water

Just a short update on the training. As usual, there are lapses of time when no tourist comes into the office, so that can be pretty boring. Moving to a place where I have to learn to speak a different language makes me feel like a fish out of water. I'm merely stating this as a fact, mind you. I'm not complaining or anything. I'm writing this down so that I'll always remember this. Plus maybe somebody else who's reading this and experiencing the same thing will feel not so alone he he he he he...

During my Finnish class, I didn't feel this way since we were together in the same pond or lake or ocean (us students), the same . But when the training started and now another one started, the feeling came back. I "almost" forgot that feeling he he he he...

There's something soothing about being inside your safety zone. The real challenge about being outside of your safety zone is being able to accept yourself no matter what and being able to be kind to yourself, even when you feel the least competent or able to do anything much.

You've gotta learn to be like a kid again, to embrace the unknown with enthusiasm, not with discouragement, cynicism, and self-reproach. And what's most vital is that you shouldn't give up mentally!!! And you've gotta learn to stop comparing yourself with others 'coz everybody grows at different paces, just like kids do.

Enough rambling! Time for me to take a nap. I'll blog-hop later he he he...


  1. AH, this is what the new layout looks like :D.
    I feel like a fish out of water everytime I go to international conferences. I'd feel so small and naive and nervous. I really really have to push myself to be active when I just want to hide in the corner hehe.. But it's these challenges that makes you grow :D. We're always learning new things, what helps me a lot is remembering how I was doing the year before, I'd then realize how far I've come by the seamingly minuscule steps I take :D

  2. Fei: That's right. Life is to be understood backwards he he he he he he he...;-D