Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3BT: Random Days

1. My beloved SIL gave me some old clothes that still look SO pretty. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SIL!!! I'm SO blessed HE HE HE HE HE HE...

2. Hubby woke me up this morning since he didn't hear my mobile ringing. I had forgotten to set the alarm. During our car trip, I turned the alarm off and apparently I had only set it up for Monday, not for Mondays to Fridays. THANK GOD for hubby!!!

3. SHOPPING while there's huge sale everywhere (again BIG THANKS to my SIL for taking me to the cheap places in Pori) and having enough money to buy all the things I want to buy and still save some money in my bank account HE HE HE HE HE...

4. Missing my MIL and FIL. I miss visiting them, even though I haven't been there only for one week. I can't wait for Saturday to comeeeeee!!!

5. A blissful holiday with hubby. PLUS it was VERY unexpected. PLUS we had enough money to do it. Praise the Lord!!! :-))))

6. Hubby's thoughtfulness in going to two Chinese restaurants with me even though I knew he'd prefer going somewhere else. THANK YOU, Bonbonsugarpie!!! ;-D UR DA BEST!!!

7. Loving the way hubby touches me...he's such a TENDER, GENTLE person. I LOVE the way he scratches my back, I LOVE the way he tickles my feet, I LOVE the way he kisses me, I LOVE the way he holds my hand...I LOVE touching him, too, of course he he he...I just wanna embrace this feeling fully 'coz we'll never know how long we're going to live on earth...mmmm...You're SO yummy, my beloved hubby!!!

8. Knowing that my parents get along VERY well with my bro's wife and their family. On my bro's birthday, they went out together to have dinner somewhere. I can feel relieved, knowing that they're fine and enjoying their time together. No stress whatsoever!!! :-)))) Plus I know that they're healthy, so that's also a HUGE relief!

9. Finding cheap books in two second hand bookstores in Pori. I bought a novel and a Finnish Bible (Lazy Me have yet to read the Bible, but I'm going to force myself to do it bit by bit!!! It's gonna be TOUGH!!!). I wanna thank Frasypoo for giving me this advice to buy a Finnish Bible to help me learn more Finnish.

10. Being back at home and I truly feel that this is my HOME. :-)))) I know I've felt this way for a long time, but then again it's nice to have this confirmation after leaving this place for a week. ;-D


  1. Every single thing on your list was a pleasure to read!

    It's great to get away isn't it, but I always think it's nice when you come home and appreciate the homely comforts.

  2. hehehe your hubby is yummy? hehehe

    Mel, I'll be back to read about your car trip ok.. now I am still very buuuuuzzzzzzyyyyy... I haven't read 16 of your posts!! *doh*

  3. wow...sale sale.... we love sale hi hi hi...especially if toys sale...for jason :D