Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and Flu Bugs

Howdy, people? Today I slept for around 11 hours, which I needed he he he he...Why? Because the other day I slept at around 3 am. We played cards until that early and now R2 is having some flu symptoms and I also start being slighty affected, though not as bad as what he's getting.

Today is my MIL's and FIL's 47th wedding anniversary and we had already left a card and two small gifts for them yesterday as we left their house. If R2's condition weren't getting any worse, we could stay there one day longer, but anyway next week we're staying over at their place again on New Year's Eve, though we have to work on Friday still he he he he...We're considering staying at their cabin, though it all depends on our health and the weather. ;-D

Today the weather is warm, around 1'C. This is VERY dangerous since the snow starts melting and everywhere is icy and slippery. I'd much prefer the temperature to stay under -2'C than this, but never mind that!

This evening R2's elder brother is throwing a game night at his place, but I don't think we'll go there since we don't want to get any sicker. After all, we have to work on Monday he he he...OK, I won't write long here. I need to catch up on your blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. One of the Christmas gifts I got is a steam pan. I've been craving to make some steamed food and now I can start making it HO HO HO HO HO...


  1. Hi Amel! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Take care of yourself -- I hope you won't get sick.

  2. Hope you feel better soon and congrat's to your inlaw's for such a long time together.

  3. Hope you and R2 won't get any sicker. Take good care, buddy! My right arm's muscle is painful because of playing darts hehehe...


  4. wow...11 hours slept hi hi hi... hope you both better soon. If you have time...come to see my flashback 2008.