Friday, December 12, 2008

Tasks, Finnish Novel, X-mas Party

My boss is SO nice. Yesterday she asked me if I got bored with my daily routine, but I told her that it was fine. I LOVE routine ha ha ha...She then said that she'd try to find me something else to do to make sure I'd get to do something else for a change.

Today they had a meeting for hours while I arranged books on the shelves. Then she gave me a new task: to make 25 X-mas cards for the library to send to some people or offices or wherever they want to. I'm not sure I'm the best person to do this kind of thing, but I'll do my best anyway. I'm not too fond of doing handicraft and I'm not the most creative person in that area he he he he...but as long as she trusts me to do it, I'll do it then.

I also have another task this Sunday. On Monday the library will offer free buns and coffee to everybody who comes, so every one who works there has to bake the buns at home to bring there on Monday. Of course we don't have to buy the ingredients ourselves. We just need to make them and bake them.

One other thing I forgot to say here is that last week my boss told me about a book she'd just finished reading. It's a Finnish novel, written by a Chinese girl who's lived in Finland for 10 years (the first novel written by a Chinese girl in the Finnish language). She asked me if I wanted to borrow the book, but I declined. I just didn't want to bother borrowing the book from the library and feel the pressure of having to return it in one month. So I searched the book online and bought it hi hi hi hi...At least this way I have PLENTY of time to read it.

It's VERY inspiring for me, though. In just 10 years she can write a novel in FINNISH?!?!?!?!?! Maybe I can do that too in 10 years he he he he he...I'd definitely be jumping to moon if my Finnish is THAT good in 10 years (good enough to write a novel, I mean). ;-D

I've finished packing all the X-mas gifts and also the gift for tomorrow night's exchange. I'll be busy this weekend. Tomorrow morning we'll go to my in-laws and then we have to leave early as I'll have the X-mas party with my friends in the evening and on Sunday I have to bake the buns, so if I don't have time to blog-hop this weekend, I'll do it only during the week, OK?

Oh yeah...almost the manager also asked me how I felt about the training since my one month period is almost over (meaning she wanted to know if I wanted to continue or not). I said that I'd want to continue IF there were still tasks for me, but if they don't need me then I don't want to be there since I'd be useless. She says that it's all up to me and there will always be tasks for me, though probably my tasks will still be the same as my daily routine. I said that I wouldn't mind, since after all I had nothing else to do at home.

I've checked out the courses page and job opening page every day, but until now I haven't found anything interesting, so there's no harm done if I continue this training until the maximum period allowed, which is 3 months. :-))))

OK, have a BLESSED weekend, everybody! Take care and see youuuuu...


  1. Glad you're still enjyoing the training and good luck with finding an interesting job - hey, maybe you won't need to worl at all once you become a Finnish writer ;D

  2. glad that your boss is so nice to you... maybe you can also to write a novel in finnish in 10 years :D Fighting, amel :)

  3. Still hoping to get a same job just like you :P

  4. I believe you could do that, Amel :D

  5. Bitter Chocolate: Yep, I definitely won't need a job if I become a Finnish writer ha ha ha...

    Jeanne: YEEEESSSSSSS, I'll try to do my best! ;-D


    Jul: THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS for the faith, Jul! ;-D

    Coltfan: Yeah, I'm HAPPY! ;-D