Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Year's Resolution's the time of the year again to make resolution(s) he he he...I've found one for me at least. It's to speak Finnish to R2 at least one day of the week. I don't think I can manage speaking Finnish to him every day since it's really tiring and it takes a long time to convey my thoughts to him in Finnish, but I can feel my Finnish gradually becoming worse and worse now that I've been out of the course for half a year.

I'm also going to go back to reading some Finnish text every day (no matter how short it is, I will do it and I have to look up the words in the dictionary instead of just "getting the gist"). Now that I've been doing the training and I'm creating a new blog, it gets harder and harder to share time to do other stuff.

So...have you thought about your New Year's Resolution yet?


  1. yes, it's time for new year resolution again ...time flies so fast. I've a lot of things in my mind for next year hehehe :)

  2. That's nice of you to think about your resolutions early. I haven't thought of mine yet but I do hope to start running again. I have to try to incorporate it into my daily routine. after slacking for so long!

  3. hmmm...i still not think about that yet... How is your weekend???

  4. don't know yet...

    don't even think about new year yet.. silly, heee??

  5. That's a good resolution to make.
    I expect mine will be the usual - try to loose weight and try to sort my finances out!

  6. Jeanne: HE HE's good to have lots of things for next year! ;-D

    Blur Ting: GOOD FOR YOU!!! ;-D I've also started exercising again after pulling my belly muscle the other week he feels GOOD, babyyy!!!

    Jul: I'm going to tell you later about it. Haven't had enough time he he he...

    Putri: Not silly, just busy hi hi hi hi...

    The World According to Me: GOOD LUCK in your NY's resolutions then! :-))))

  7. if I started making resolutions I'd be here all night lmao ! good post