Saturday, December 06, 2008

Weekend Photos

I got SO lucky again today as we were in my in-laws. At first we weren't planning to go there as R2 was going to have a pikkujoulu (a small X-mas party) with his gaming buddies. But he didn't go after all, so instead I could go to my beloved in-laws' HO HO HO HO HO HO HO...

Just as we were about to arrive in their place, I saw some reindeer in another field, so I walked there to take some pics from a closer range than before and then I walked back to my in-laws' (only about 2 minutes away on foot). It was rather cold and foggy (around -9'C).

Here are some pics of the reindeer:

Then I got even luckier since plenty of waxwings (or "tilhi" in Finnish) came by to eat the red berries HO HO HO HO HO HO HO...I snapped some pics right away before they could go and they did fly a few minutes later, so I really had to be quick!!!

And I also saw this beautiful bird there...unfortunately I don't know the name of the bird and I'm too lazy to look it up online HA HA HA HA HA...but don't you think it's lovely? ;-D

Note: Crow's Feet has told me that this is a bullfinch and in Finnish it's called "punatulkku" (I looked it up in my dictionary HI HI...)

Okie dokie...I'll stop here and blog-hop tomorrow! It's already so late now, so I should go to bed he he he he...


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  2. Wow, wonderful photos Amel. :-) The reindeer are so beautiful! The first photo would make a wonderful Christmas card.

    We had waxwings here last month. I didn't see them. :-( Hubby saw them eating red berries near where he was working.

    The bottom bird looks like a bullfinch. No idea what the Finns call it!

  3. Wow, is it actually possible to take such closeups of raindeer? One would assume they'd get scared and run off if you get too close to them... love the pictures!

  4. Orville: THANKSSSSS!!! ;-D

    Dawn: GLAD you liked them! ;-D

    Jul: Yeah, I was SO SO SO HAPPY to be able to get the shots ha ha ha...

    Michelle: I also love the frozen branches as the "frame" of the photo he he he...

    Bullfinch, eh? THANKS for the info! I'll go look it up soon he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: Well, it was all THANKS to my camera's zoom and no, they aren't really scared of people. In fact, some of them went to my MIL's yard and a stupid young one tried to eat the red berries in the waxwing pictures. My MIL had to shoo it away a few times before it finally went his way hi hi hi hi...

  5. Come to see our 4th wedding anniversary :D

  6. Hi Amel,

    Hope you have time to visit and see my new business Juliana‘s Bits & Pieces. Thanks

  7. Stunning pictures! -9 you say? That's cold!

  8. I am going to have to show Brianna (my youngest) the pictures of the reindeer. She'll love seeing that! They are great pictures.

  9. LOVE all the photos, buddy! It's all white. :) I imagine I was the one who took those pics hehehe...

  10. Fish: THANKSSSS! ;-D

    The World According to Me: -9'C isn't too cold for Sodankylä hi hi's just rather cold. :-)))

    Vince: COOL!!! ;-D I hope she like them all! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: HE HE HE HE HE...someday you'll get a chance to take the pics yourself when you visit me HUE HE HE HE HE HE...

  11. Hey Gorgeous!

    Oooh, such a beautiful group of reindeer! Look at that coat!
    You were lucky to be able to get such shots...gorgeous!

    And the birdies are so cute!! I loved the last pic: the red in his body is really well captured :)!

    Thanks for this amazing gift, girl :D!


  12. Max: Yeah, I was REALLY lucky he he he he...Glad you enjoyed them all. I'm gonna hunt their pics again and again for as long as I live here hi hi hi...

    And yep, the red bird is VERY popular here. I think it's because they're so cute hi hi...

  13. Kalau di Indonesia pasti dah ditangkap tuh. Dijual. Payah !!!
    Jadi yang ada di kota cuma burung gereja aja. Ga ada burung sebagus ini bisa datang. Ha 2x

  14. Tonny: Iya juga yah...payah. :-((( Padahal kan seneng tuh bisa liat burung dari jarak deket he he...