Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visits to the Grave

Just like last year, on Christmas Eve we went to the graves to light a candle before we went to R2's parents' place. I took a few pictures while we were there. Here they are...

Speaking of graves, I'd love to state my deepest sympathy to the loss of a blogger friend named Suzanne Horne or Liquid Illuzion. I never really got to know her personally, but I do know that she's a talented artist. I just felt SHOCKED when I found out about her passing away on Christmas Eve, so here's for you, Suzanne...I hope your family feels God's comfort, too.

I think these two last pictures are also in correlation with this post. My FIL made some ice lanterns to put outside on Christmas Eve and here are they:


  1. The ice lantern's are wonderful. I also posted a copy of Liquid's obituary as I found on CLiff's blog.

  2. beautiful lanterns, she will be so missed.

  3. Dawn: I've just read the obituary in your blog. :-((((

    Genevieve: Indeed she will! Such a talented lady she is!

  4. Yes... I'm so shocked about the news and very sad because we didn't know what she've been through... May her soul rest in peace...

  5. CMG: Indeed may she rest in peace...