Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saint Lucia

At our pikkujoulu (small X-mas party) last Saturday, there were four of us and we had FUN (of course HE HE HE...). My friend Michelle has prepared plenty of games for us to play. We also did last year's game of Bingo where each of us had to write down 5 numbers (anything from 1 to 25) and then whosever number was called should imitate the sound of the animal given to her and the winner had to stand up and make that sound.

Guess who won Animal Bingo? ME!!!!!!!!! And I was chosen to be the Beaver!!!!! ;-D

The other two games were HILARIOUS!!! In the first one, we had to close our eyes while DRAWING! I'll show you later my crazy drawings hi hi hi...but basically speaking, we had to follow instructions while trying to draw as accurately as possible with our eyes closed.

For example: First draw an island in the middle of the paper, then draw a boat on the LEFT side of it, then draw a palm tree ON the island, then some fish in the sea, etc.

Not as easy as you think, you know? Well, if you're going to gather together with your family this Christmas, you can also play this game. The winner is calculated by the accuracy of each orders. For example: you get 20 points if the island IS indeed in the middle of the paper and you'll get 30 points if the boat is on the left side of the island AND not touching the island, etc.

It'll be SUCH A FUN THING to do for the whole family! No cheating, please HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, here are some of the pics!!! Sorry I can't write too long here since I'm busy and I still have to blog-hop and COOK!!!

First pic: before we pulled the Christmas crackers ---> yeah, Michelle even took some Christmas crackers for us just like last year hi hi...

Second pic: As usual inside the X-mas crackers there were "crowns" for us the queens of the night HA HA HA HA HA...

Third pic: If you wonder why I'm wearing St. Lucia's crown, go to Michelle's post to read it. The story about the pikkujoulu is located at the bottom of the post: Pikkujoulu and St. Lucia.

Last pic: After we finished eating. :-))))


  1. Saw you at "Crow's Feet" via "Finding Me". I noticed the cat and wondered if you have one. I have 4 of them and blog about them (on one of 4 blogs).

    My husband is of Danish background and we love things, Scandinavian. I've seen a few Finnish films so, I know what life must be like there. You have a very interesting story and blog.

    Come check me out!

    Kat (and the Hyggecats)

  2. The drawing game is pretty cool. It would be great to play with both kids and adults.

  3. glad that you have a great time with your times...sometimes it is fun to go out with girl friends :D

  4. What fun! I love the sound of that game, I've always been a fan of playing games and in my old flat I used to get people playing all sorts!
    Glad you had a good time.
    I like your hat!

  5. Vince: Yes, it was! ;-D We had lots of laughs he he he...

    Poetikat: THANKS for visiting me. So your hubby is of Danish background? Interesting! ;-D

    Mother Hen: Yeah, that's true! It's not too hard to do with kids, too! ;-D

    Jeanne: It's always fun hi hi hi...

    The World According to Me: THANKS!!! And I'll show you my drawings later hi hi...

    Jul: Yeps, that's true! ;-D

  6. Sounds fun, Mel. I wish I could meet friends too. No Time :P

  7. That looks like so fun and those hats are cute!

  8. I still remember about the 'kebab' thingy heheheee... Glad you had fun, buddy! :) Congratz for winning the Animal Bingo. It's a very interesting game and the drawing game is good idea, too! :)