Monday, December 08, 2008


1. I want to introduce to you my friend's online business. She's just started it and she's really inspirational for me. Her online store is this:

She's selling a range of products (aprons, mugs, postcards, T-shirts, shoes, etc.), mainly based on her love of photography, so they're using her own photos. I personally love her nature pictures. Breathtaking!!! :-))))

Anyway, what's more, for ground shipping to US addresses, with any order costing more than $45, the shipping fee is only $1. Isn't that GREAT?


Note: Hey, maybe someday I should try selling my photos, too HA HA HA HA HA HA...

2. I've been having dandruff problem on and off and I just realize that my scalp doesn't like the dry air so much. In Indo, since the weather is so humid, my scalp doesn't get dry, but here it's problematic for me. The other week I tried using olive oil and rub it on my scalp. It worked, BUT it wasn't really practical.

So the other day I bought conditioner and I hope it works! If I used conditioner in Indonesia, my hair would get SOOOOOO oily SOOOOOOO fast, but I think over here it should be fine. :-))) I've tried it only once (using conditioner) and it seems to help, but I don't know about longer usage term. *crossing my fingers*

3. I can't wait for Christmas Eve since we're going to spend a night at my MIL's place again HO HO HO HO HO HO HO...And this time it seems that R2's eldest brother and family are coming over, too, so that'd be FUN! ;-D

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE going to their place. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! There're always laughter and smiles there. No pressure, no stress, no mumbo jumbo complicated situations or tension or conflict. Just warmth and fun and more warmth.

4. I'm going to have a small X-mas party again with my friends just like last year in one of the pizza restaurants. The date is Saturday, December 14th. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! There will be at least 4 people coming. ;-D

5. I LOVE working at the library since there are plenty of things to do. Here is my daily schedule:

8 am - 10 am: Returning all the books to the shelves in the kids' section. The adult section is far too complicated for me, so I'm only entrusted the kids' section he he...And I also have to rearrange some of the books that are left "unevenly" on the shelves so that they would look neat.

11 am: Lunch break

11.30 am: Go to the PO to get Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki newspaper) and put them on the shelves, since in the library we also have plenty of magazines and national and local newspapers. Lots of old people love going to the library to read magazines and newspapers.

11.45 am - 2 pm: Putting the covers of new books.

For some reason it's VERY relaxing to put covers on new books, you know? The radio is always on, too, so I can enjoy some music while doing it. Very soothing...mmm...I LOVE working on my own like this since I can set up my own pace and rhythm. No stress, no pressure hi hi hi hi...Does this mean that I'm not good working in a team? I don't know...but I DO prefer working on my own, to be honest. I don't have to push other people and I don't have to be pushed by anyone he he he...


  1. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for this post, Amel. Let me know if you decide to make your own shop and sell your photograph. You also have a wonderful shots especially winter shots.

    I hope you have fun with your friends. We didn't have any plan for this year. Maybe I just work at my shop :D

  2. How are you doing with Christmas shopping? I haven't even started yet, but we do have our Christmas tree up.

  3. I know I'm a team player, but I also like working alone at my own pace. Glad to know that you are really enjoying your work and time. I'm looking forward to more X'mas gatherings, too. HAVE FUNNN!!! :)

  4. Jul: You're VERY welcome, Jul. Hope this business growsssss he he he...Yep, I'll let you know if I decide to open a shop, too he he...

    Vince: I'm almost done. I bought half of the gifts for the family and I'll let R2 buy the rest hi hi...Now all I need is a small gift for the gift exchange for my X-mas party with my friends this upcoming Saturday he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yupsssss...I'll definitely have fun! THANKS! ;-D

  5. i like to work alone too...but sometimes working in a team is also fun....::) have fun with your friends:D

  6. I visited Juliana this morning and her shop is incredible.

  7. I do better working alone but I can work in a team effort if needed. So far no real plans for Christmas. Great post

  8. Your daily routine at the library sounds really relaxing especially with the music :) I also prefer to work on my own...and with music too :)

    It can be very difficult to people with whom there is no personal affinity, can be a real problem in fact when it is evident that two persons working together don't click. In general I would say that companies don't care about that but I think that personal chemistry is very important when working in a team. Unfortunately this is usually overlooked.

    Have a nice week!