Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Plea

These days I've been battling with the voices in my head...





Wants, wants, wants...

Goals, goals, goals...


Dreams, dreams, dreams...

Negativism, cynicism, bitterness...

Sometimes it gets so hard to try to live simply no matter how much I want to do so. And now I'm getting tired of ME.

I'm trying to separate myself from all the voices...and tune them up. God, help me break down my pride!!!

Help me remember that it's all about YOU
and not about me.

It's about You, You, You...
Everything I have is simply
what You entrust to me to have
for the time being.

Help me be wise...


  1. Somehow I can relate to this post.

  2. battling with voices in the head... i've so many times, but how hard i try to reach my goal, i feel more tired.... but i love to make planning for the future, that is my goal.... coz life without goals is boring.

  3. Dawn: Glad you can relate to it. :-)))

    Jeanne: Yeah, life without goals is boring, but living life wanting too many things is also not good. What's SO hard to achieve is balance and it's driving me crazy he he he...

  4. Ditto! I can relate to the voices in your head. I am always battling with the voices in my head!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  5. my voices almost never shut up .but I pull through.

  6. Buddy,

    Be gentle on yourself.

    Be gentle on yourself.

    Be gentle on yourself.

    You are human.

  7. The World According to Me: HE HE HE...they're the worst enemy he he he...Yes, I had a lovely Christmas, thanks! ;-D

    Coltfan: That's GREAT about pulling through. :-))))

    Waterlearner: THANKS, Karen!!! I just needed to vent and let go he he he...

  8. I hope you are happier! Hope you had a great Christmas!! Some self-talk can be pretty damaging.

  9. Hi Girl!

    Amen to "It's all about You, You, You..."!!

    My dear and gorgeous friend, I will pray to help you in this moment; and send you good vibes : everything will be all right *hug*!

    God bless you!

    And Happy New Year :D!!!!