Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Movie Blog

Following LJ's steps, I decided to sign up at to blog for money. I wasn't expecting to get approved, but I was approved in just one day!!! That's why I haven't been blogging or blog-hopping, since yesterday I was busy trying to build that blog in

I had trouble at first since the platform is similar to Wordpress and I'm too used to using Blogger, so I was frustrated when I didn't know how to add some widget. THANK GOD LJ was there to help me, so I could solve the problem after all he he he...THANKS SO MUCH for your help, LJ!!!

For those of you who love blogging and who want to try blogging for money at, you can try signing up and if they approve your blog idea, you can begin making money there. You'll get paid per post PLUS the impressions you get from your posts. How much can you get? It all depends on how popular your blog is, but during the first month you'll get $1 a post a day (maximum 1 post).
You can also write more than one post per day if you want to, but you'll only get paid per impression from those other posts. And of course they'll also review your posts every month to make sure that you don't write off topic. If your blog proves to be SO popular, you can even get more than $1 for the first post. Isn't that GREAT?

Don't forget to visit my new blog, friends! (click on Scrat's pic to get you to my new blog)
I've only written 3 posts about the movies I've seen recently, but I'll be adding new posts every dayyyyyy, okay?


  1. Yeay Amel!!
    Congrats... I've been to your blog and it's awesome.. glad I could help dearie :)

  2. congrat, Amel.

    Can write korean drama serial or not hi hi hi....

  3. Congrat's. I'll check it out real soon

  4. No probs buddy. I will go support your blog :-)

  5. Love your movie blog. Well done! I'm interested to follow your steps :D, but I'm currently occupied with work and very exhausted to think. :)