Saturday, October 20, 2007

3BT: October 10, 2007

1. I got my wish: IT SNOWED TODAY!!! I'm gonna post some pics tomorrow he he he...

2. I got caught in the act. When we were about to go home from my in-laws, I went to pee first and in the toilet I was thinking of a dance song that made me shake my booty a bit...when I went out of the toilet, I saw Arttu packing some leftover near me, so I did shake my booty in front of him, but then my mother-in-law walked toward us just as I was about to stop doing that (I did that just to make Arttu smile). My mother-in-law LAUGHED right away and Arttu looked SO HAPPY 'coz I got caught in the act. I seem to have this knack of doing embarrassing things in front of my mother-in-law. Oh well, at least we all had some laughs HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...If this keeps up, I think I may lose most of my inhibition in a short period of time. This is one thing I LOVE about moving here...back in Indo I couldn't really let myself go...hi hi hi hi hi...

3. I think my mother-in-law can read my mind. I was looking at some magazines (I said LOOKING 'coz I couldn't really understand the text as all of the magazines were in Finnish) and saw some recipes using cabbage. I was thinking of buying some later on, but then I found out that my mother-in-law gave us some frozen cooked cabbage+meat already. WOOOHOOOO!!!! Am I lucky or what? THANK YOU, God!!!! ^__________________________________^

4. Found out that I've made enough money in MyLot to cash it out in the middle of next month. I've just joined them a month ago and I've already got $10. Not bad, eh? If any one of you is interested in joining the site, I'd appreciate it if you click this referral link below:

For those who're curious, MyLot is a kind of forum where you can post new discussions about anything at all (except jokes and recipes) or if you don't like posting new discussions, you can always comment on other people's discussions. You'll get money from posting discussions or commenting on other people's discussions, esp. if they rate your comments as positive ones. ;-D It's not too boring (like clicking advertisements) and it's not too tough to do, either.

Just make sure that if you do join the site, read the guidelines first so that your posts or comments won't be deleted (if they get deleted, then you'll lose some cents) he he he...


  1. Hi there.. came over from Trinity's place. Nice blog you have.. on mylot.. am a member there as well.. and yes do read the rules coz I lost some cents as some of the discussion I joined got deleted :(


  2. Hi, ladyjava!

    Nice to meet you here. You're a member, too? GOOD!!! What's your nickname there? Let me add you. Glad you liked my blog. ;-D

  3. Hi;

    I was wondering…
    …Do you prefer Amel or Amelia?

    I think its funny how you are looking forward to the snow, when I lived in the Canadian Rockies we would at times get over 30 feet of snow (9.144 meters).

    One of the main reasons I moved to Vancouver which often gets NO snow in the winter or only a few cm or inches.

    I have a friend here from Malaysia who is almost always cold even when we walk around in shorts!

  4. Hi, Livingsword!

    You can call me Amel he he he...

    Well, I have to learn to love the snow since I think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life here in Lapland. Plus I haven't got the chance to make a snowman yet or experience a white Christmas, so I'm looking forward to doing both. Plus I'm also looking forward to "trying" to miniski again and I wanna have fun with my mother-in-law's kicksled. YIIIHHHAAAA!!! ;-D

    I can't imagine how big I'm gonna be with layers of clothes when it gets REALLY cold here he he he he...I also don't know yet how thick the snow can be here, but it's something I'm looking forward to! ;-D

    I just wanna enjoy my time here, so better be "childlike" as everything here is still new to me! ;-D

  5. Hi Amel;

    You really have to stop having such a negative attitude, please try to cheer up and be positive (ouch I bit my tongue it was so firmly placed in cheek)…

    Life is an opportunity and an adventure and I appreciate your “childlike” approach, it is a wonderful way to go thru life, believe it or not I am actually quite similar to you in that regard.

    Every time I see your cat image it puts a smile on my face!

  6. HE HE HE HE...LOL!!!! Now you make me laugh, Livingsword!

    Glad my cat avatar makes you smile. ;-D

    Believe me, before I moved here, I was someone who LOVED being inside my safety zone SO much. I wasn't adventurous at all and I was probably not as childlike as I am now.

    Moving here has done TREMENDOUS positive effects on me, even though I must admit that the first two months were the toughest (it felt SO weird and I felt SO stupid most of the time!!!). After all, moving here's been the most adventurous thing I've ever done in my life, so I might as well just make the best out of it. ;-D

  7. Amel, that was a cute story about getting caught by your mother-in-law! I bet she enjoyed seeing you have fun. And that's good you've made some money. After all these months, I had only made about $2.00 using adsense. I just took it off my page.

  8. Ahahaa...did your face went red when your mom-in-law walked in?? He he're funny!! :D

    SNOW! I'm so happy for you. Will be waiting for your first pics rolling on the snow hee heee...

    Anyway, I just can't remember whether I ever did register for MyLot before, but if I decided to, I'd let you know. ;)

  9. Once you are in an environment where you know you are being loved and appreciated, you will lose your inhibitions. This shows that you're coping well in your new home Amel. Well done!

  10. Kathy: Yeah, she was definitely happy to caught me in the act HA HA HA...

    Yeah, I've been pretty active in MyLot (I always visit the site whenever I have free time), so it's been doing great so far. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Well, no, I didn't blush, but I felt like wanting to hide my face LOL LOL LOL!!!

    OK about MyLot, Crystal! No worries. ;-D

    Blur Ting: THANK YOU for your kind words! I never really thought of it that way, but you're right he he he...

  11. Hey Amel

    I was just checking back and hey.. you found me already lah at mylot...ehehhe... fellow mylotian :-)

  12. Hi, Ladyjava!

    Yup, I found you, fellow MyLotian he he he he he...It sounds a bit "lotion" HI HI HI...

  13. Amel,

    Being child like is great and it keeps you happy and gives you a great outlook on life. I do it all the time and love it. Just last night a friend and I were walking up and down my block to get some exercise. Each time we came to an intersection I would jump over the line in the road and yell Tag.

    Well, we had head phones on because we were listening to music and I did not see a couple that were walking down one of the side roads. I jump again and yell Tag and turn to see them laughing at me. I jumped right out of my skin. They scared me. My friend was just laughing as hard as she could.

    I us to get very embarrassed by stuff like that. I hardly ever left my home because of fear of being laughed at. Now I love it. I know I am putting a smile on someones face and it makes me feel good.

    You gave your Mother-in-law a smile and to me that is a great gift. God Bless:)

  14. Hi, Sindi!

    I've only begun to learn to bring back my childlikeness after I moved to Finland. Before then, I was always so cautious and wary about not making myself embarrassed. Back then I couldn't laugh at my own mistakes. So I guess moving here has been a WONDERFUL journey for my inner self. ;-D

    Glad to hear that you're always in tune with your inner child he he he he he he...I can imagine how frightened you were while exercising hi hi hi...

    God bless you too!!! ;-D