Sunday, October 07, 2007

Car and Weather

First of all...Sorry, Karen (Water Learner), my strawberry bread came out weird. As usual, the taste is GOOD, but the form isn't he he you have to wait until next time. I don't want to take a pic of it here (too embarrassed) hi hi hi...

Speaking of weather, Saturday morning when we were about to leave to my in-laws', there was a thin layer of ice all over our car's windshield. At first I thought it was morning dew, but hubby had to scrape it with a kind of tool so that we could see ahead.

He said that it was 'coz the temperature had been below zero during the night.
When I woke up, it was only 0'C but then the day turned out sunny, so the temperature rose to 8'C. In the evening, it went down again to 4'C. I'm writing this down so that I can compare it with next year's weather he he he...

Speaking of car inspection, turned out our car didn't pass the inspection. And since it's already old, we were thinking of buying a newer one on installments (a used one, of course, not a brand new one). Coincidentally, hubby's eldest brother wants to sell his car and it's within our price range. So we're applying for a loan from the bank. The good thing about this is that we're going to visit them in Pori (southern Finland) to get the car. YIIIPPPIIIEEE!!! It'll be my first time to Pori!!!!!!!!! (I've only been to Helsinki and Kemi)

Since it's a long drive (about 12-hour per trip), we'll probably spend a night at their place. I'd LOVE to see their house (I've only seen pictures of it) he he he...

Okay, enough about this. Here are some pics I took yesterday. ;-D

First pic: my mother-in-law's orange tree. Yes, she puts it inside the living room he he he...

Second pic: a close-up look of the oranges. I haven't tried them yet, but they look yummy. ;-D

Here's a pic of leafless trees. Lots of trees have gone bare these days. ;-D What I find interesting about this type of tree is that the berries stay there even after the leaves are gone he he he...By the way, you can't eat those berries, though.

Here's a close-up look of the bare branches and the berries.

And this is a pic of Saturday's twilight. ;-D


  1. Reading your profile, you just sound like me! LOL! But hey dont let that put you off, visit my blog sometime!


  2. Hi, Denise, THANKS for dropping by. I'll go check out your blog sometime! ;-D

  3. Hey,

    I just loved the pics. I love to take pictures a lot and every body complains that I do it to much. I Liked to see that you see the beauty in the things around us in our world too.

  4. Those oranges remind me of the little orange kumquats that are sold during Chinese New Year. Are those oranges in your picture big or small?

  5. Hi Amel,

    It's alright. So long as they taste good!

    Hey the orange tree and the berries look good, too! Must have been a fun outing huh? So long a ride :-)

    Have a Good Week Ahead!

  6. Nice pictures :)

    Due to the climate & space constraint. We don't have the luxury of eating our own havest. Its so cool to have oranges & berries everyday pick from the house. hehe ;p

    Janice Ng

  7. wow.. the oranges look so yummy...
    nice nice...

  8. Sindi: Glad you liked the pics. ;-D Everybody complains about that? Well, it's YOUR blog, so you can do anything you want he he he...

    Blur Ting: Yes, yes, during Chinese New Year in Indo there are also lots of small oranges. Yes, the oranges in my pic is very small. ;-D Maybe I should've taken the pic with me next to the tree he he he...I think it's only 1/3 or 1/4 of regular oranges.

    Water Learner: Yeah, the taste is fine. Hubby told me to make it in a wider pan next time so that it'll dry faster 'coz it'll not be too thick. My problem is that my strawberry bread is often wet still on the inside, and no matter how long I put it in the oven, it's still semi-wet. Maybe 'coz I use frozen strawberries. Oh well...better luck next time he he he...

    Oh, I haven't gone to Pori yet. It's for sometime this month or the beginning of next month he he he he...

    The orange tree and berries are located in my in-laws' place, about 25 minutes' drive from our place. ;-D

    Janice: Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yeah, I know what you mean about space constraint. That's why I love visiting my in-laws. They have such a vast land he he he...

    Lee Chien: Yeah, I'm also drooling. Wanna taste those oranges he he he...

  9. Those berries branches are suitable to hang all the 'angpows' and other Chinese New Year's deco plus the oranges...he he...

    I'm so excited for you for your upcoming trip :) and I really LOVE the last pic!! Look so calm and peaceful.

  10. Choc Mint Girl: HEY, you're right about the bare berry branches and the angpows!!! I LOVE angpows HI HI HI HI HI...

    Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yes, I also LOVE the last one 'coz it was so peaceful. ;-D

  11. Amel, I don't comment every time you comment, because I just don't have the time, but I DO appreciate your comments on my blog so much. I hope you know that. And your blog... your photos are wonderful! I am refreshed by your "real-ness."

  12. Jana: Don't worry about it. I ENJOY reading your posts, so keep on writing! ;-D GLAD you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

  13. The pictures are wonderful! Life looks so much calmer there, got room for one more? he-he, I need a place with windows to the world!

    and an orange tree indoors - sounds like a plan! I want strawberry vines in my house one day.

  14. Vic,

    There's PLENTY of room here. As you know, the population density here is very low he he he...

    If you like serenity and quietness, then this is the place to live, I if you love cold weather so much he he he...

    Strawberry vines in your house one day? MAY IT COME TRUE then!

    Yeah, I was surprised about the orange tree 'coz I didn't know it could be an indoor plant. Before the oranges started sprouting, I didn't even know it was an orange tree he he he...