Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friday - Saturday

Hiya, friends!!!

Before I write about my trip, I think I should write about my Friday and Saturday 'coz there were some interesting things happening he he he...SO MANY beautiful things during those days!

Friday afternoon I tried another muffin recipe. The first time I made muffins, they came out SO badly so that I had to put the batter in a big pan ha ha ha ha...this time I managed to make them right, so I made two batches. I sprinkled some sugar on the second batch and I took some to my in-laws and some more to Pori for Arttu's eldest brother and family. My mother-in-law said it tasted GOOD HO HO HO HO...Here are some pics to make you drool ha ha ha...I was SO VERY VERY VERY HAPPY that I wanted to jump around the house...WHOOOPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *grin grin grin*

Want some? I can share some with you 'coz I still have plenty he he he...

Friday night at around 8 pm, hubby's elder brother and new girlfriend came by our place before we all went to bars. They couldn't stop staring at each other and kissing each other. I felt a tad awkward at first, but since they didn't seem to mind our being there while they were so much in love, I began to feel relaxed he he he...I was at first slightly wondering whether I'd enjoy the night as the guy would be busy talking to his girlfriend. I understand that perfectly since they're having a long-distance relationship and they're gonna be separated on Sunday, but I just wish there'd be someone else for me to talk to. Then my hubby said that Pirita's parents would go to the bars, too. WHOOPPPEEEE!!!!

You know why I like Pirita's Dad? He always tries to talk to me in English even though his English isn't too perfect. In the first bar we went in, he told me something funny about Pirita. They dropped her off at her grandma's and then she said to her grandma, "Grandma, since I'm going to sleep with you and grandpa, can you please stop snoring? I can't sleep if you keep on snoring." WA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, kids are SO honest!!! ;-D

Then not long after that, Kalle came by. He's the guy I've met a few times before. He's into languages, so his English is pretty good and he's always eager in talking to me. WOOOHHOOO!!! My night suddenly went from good to better he he he...It's not that I can't talk to Arttu in the bars, but it's just nice that I can socialize and talk to other adults while we are in the bars. It feels GOOD to interact every now and then, even though I'm not an outgoing type.

Oh, I also tasted Bacardi for the first time that night. It tasted pretty good, actually. I was surprised 'coz it had around 4.7% alcohol level but it didn't feel that much. Arttu bought a few bottles of Bacardi with different tastes, but our fave is the orange one. Don't you worry, though, I only took a few LITTLE sips of each bottle. The rest of the time I just had Coke or iced water he he he...

Then we moved to another bar which was a Karaoke bar. There I talked much with Kalle again while the rest roamed around the place. Oh yes, before I forget, let me show you a pic that Kalle took during last summer. It's SO breathtaking. He said that he loved nature and he loved going to the forest alone and just absorb everything. I told him that that was I loved best about Finland and I said to him, "So you live in the right place." He said that his roots were in Lapland, so even though he sometimes went to the cities, he would always miss this place. Here, take a look at this midnight sun photo. It's taken in Kemijärvi. Don't ask me where it is hi hi hi...

Anyway, after talking to Kalle for some time, we finally sat together again with the others and this time Pirita's Dad talked to me for quite a long time. Arttu was sitting on the next table by then, so he didn't hear what we were talking about. Pirita's Dad said that next time I visited his house or next time he visited my house, he'd try to talk to me in Finnish very slowly so that I'd understand. He also taught me a few new words. He also said that he hoped I wouldn't mind about their gaming nights (sometimes my hubby has game nights at his place or at our place). I told him that I'd known about it already even before we got married, so I didn't mind that. I kinda like the fact that Arttu has a close friend that he can have fun with. Plus I know whom he's with and what they're doing (gaming) and they're cousins, so I'm just glad that they're close to each other.

Actually I've known Arttu longer than Pirita's Dad knew his girlfriend he he he...and he said some things that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He said that even from they were young, Arttu loved tinkering with his computer more than going out with them to the bars and that he never saw Arttu do stupid things in the bars. He also said that he knew Arttu was a shy guy and that he could tell that during the time we had a long-distance relationship, Arttu wasn't too "spirited" and that after I moved to Finland, Arttu became more "energetic". He said he could see that I made Arttu happy and that our separation was so hard on him. I told him that it was hard for me, too, but it was probably harder on Arttu 'coz he was a sentimental guy. Pirita's Dad agreed with me about Arttu's sentimentality. And for me, that's a proof that I've known Arttu pretty well and that he does, too. It's just GREAT to talk about Arttu with his close friend. Plus Pirita's Dad cares about my feelings and my Finnish progress, too!!! ;-D

So the night went from better to MUCH better...but as you probably know, the peak of the night was our dance together. The last place we went to was a disco and there we danced the night away he he he he...It made me feel SUPER good to know that I could loosen up and just dance without worrying about what other people thought about me. You know, back in my childhood, being such a super sensitive child, I remember being told as a bad dancer. I don't remember the details of the incident and who said those words to me, but I remember being compared to my brother and everybody said that he danced better than I did. Can you imagine the crush of my self-confidence? So for me, the dance made me SO happy not only because I made Arttu happy, but also because I could finally say goodbye to my demons in the past. ;-D

Such a GREAT night!!! I have to tell you that in the end we got pretty hot on the dance floor. I didn't plan on that! I just got carried I kissed him a few times on the dance floor and we got closer and closer to each other even during the fast dance. The ironic thing was that we NEVER kissed in public before (well, except on our wedding day he he he...), so that was something new for us! ;-D

Anyway, on Saturday we went to our in-laws as usual and here's what I saw in one of their barns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shrieked when I saw that hanging there he he he he...GOOD thing I brought my camera with me he he he he...The reindeer is probably as "tall" as I am.

Then here are some pics that I took from my in-laws' place. They put a bird feeder on a branch of a tree. I took some videos of the birds, but I have to wait until Arttu comes home to flip it before I can post it in my blog, so be patient, OK?

I LOVE these birdies below 'coz they're SO CUTE:

The below pic is my mother-in-law cacti flowers.

Before we left home to prepare ourselves going to Pori, my mother-in-law and her elder sister hugged each of us and wished us a good trip. Oh, almost mother-in-law tried talking to me in English. I was SO touched of her effort 'coz I knew how hard it was for her to say those words!!!!! Seeing her valiant effort makes me become more encouraged to try to speak to her in Finnish even though my Finnish is still so basic he he he...Plus we got so much food from her again. GOD BLESS HER SOUL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO VERY VERY LUCKY!!! I LOVE that woman!!!!!! ^________________________________________^

Last but not least...I hope you won't be bored with the scene of the below pic. I find it fascinating that the colours in the sky can make one place look TOTALLY different he he he...


  1. Hey Amelia,

    What a great weekend you had!!! Allow me to comment on the points that really captured my attention:

    1- the muffins look delicious: congrats!! I love chocolate muffins!

    2- It feels nice listening to our love's childhood stories, doesn't it? Arttu seems to be a good man (you're lucky)!

    3- So, you had never kissed in public?! Wow...latin people do it everytime...sometimes they even exagerate lol lol...

    4- funny, I have a cactus like that; its flowers are pink and all :).

    5- the midnight sun pic was smashing!

    6- The birds pic was lovely! So romantic...

    7- I am sure that soon you will be conversing with your mom-in-law in Finnish! She's so cute; and I can tell that she loves you :).

    8- Arttu's friend...he's a good one :).

    Loved this post (it didn't bore me at all)!


  2. Hi, Girl, THANKS for your really detailed responses he he he he...GLAD you enjoyed the post! ;-D

    Yup, it DOES feel nice to listen to our love's childhood stories. ;-D

    Well, we're both kinda private people so we don't really like kissing in public places he he he...

    My mother-in-law has two other pots of cacti and she said that the flowers would be white and pink (if I'm not mistaken in hearing he he...)

  3. I enjoyed reading about your weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I love muffins especially banana muffin :D Now, I'm imagining the aroma of the muffins when you took them out from the oven...Yum-My!! He he...

    Glad you didn't feel left out at the bars, Amel. I hate those feelings, you know. Not being able to join in the conversation. Just smile and smile...he he...Anyway, it's obviously a wonderful night for you.

    Ahh, the pic taken by Kalle is amazing, and I always love the scene in the last pic...;)

  5. Yummy yummy! I should make muffins this weekend too. I have a box of Betty Crocker choc mix. I think you're blessed to be married into a nice family who treasure you and make you feel at home. You're blessed.

  6. Kathy: Yeah, it was a lot of fun indeed! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Banana muffins, eh? Maybe next time I'll try to make
    'em 'coz I love bananas, too. ;-D

    Yeah, the first few times at the bar I just smiled and smiled and smiled without understanding a thing. Now I know more people so it's nice to be able to say hi and talk to them a bit he he he...

    Yeah, I gasped when I first saw the pic taken by Kalle. It was superb!!! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yep, you got that right. I'm SO blessed. I didn't know that I'd be this blessed. I knew they were welcoming people, but I didn't know they'd be THIS warm to me he he he he...THANK GOD for that! ;-D

  7. Virtual muffins look great, and are great for the waistline but in the end just do not satisfy!

    I have been in many social situations where I have been the odd person out with the local language, it can be a good way to learn the language but it can also be rather frustrating and boring at times since often you don’t know what people are talking and laughing about, my wife tells me not to be concerned…that all the people are laughing and talking about me…she knows that comforts me :)

    That sun photo is absolutely gorgeous, great photographer and even better Artist…

    Is the cactus a Christmas cactus? My wife and I have one and it looks a lot like that, interesting thing is when we are in California, Hawaii or along the Mediterranean they are these HUGE amazing plants but here in Vancouver they look…well look like the one in the photo, very pretty but rather petite.

  8. Livingsword: HE HE HE...Too bad I can't send my muffins to you!!!

    Yes, you're right about being the odd person can be frustrating and boring indeed.

    Yep, the sun photo is smashing, isn't it? Next time I meet him, I'm gonna ask how he took the pics he he he...

    I'm afraid I don't know a thing about the cactus, whether it's a X-mas cactus or not. Maybe it is a X-mas cactus. Yeah, the cactus plant is pretty small. It's hung in a small pot.