Saturday, October 06, 2007

3BT: October 5-6, 2007

1. Being able to send SMSes again with a friend of mine after not being able to do it for a few months. Getting back in touch with an old friend feels SO good.

2. Getting an email from another old friend about her personal testimony on God's provision and miracles. The email made me strengthened.

3. Finally I managed to push myself to say 3 simple Finnish sentences to my mother-in-law (before today, usually I just used body language) he he he...Next time I'll try to do this again. And I could pick up a few simple sentences wholly and other bits of words while I was there with my hubby. One snail's pace of progress at a time. YES!!!!!! ;-D

4a. My mother-in-law asking my help to make lingonberry pie. I personally think it was her way of teaching me how to do it he he he...

4b. Plus she didn't even flinch when she realized I wasn't mixing the batter well enough (there was a little bit of flour on a one side at the bottom of the bowl). YIKES!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when she was pouring the batter to the baking pan. I'm SOOOOOO glad to have a mother-in-law like that. She's truly an example for me! ;-D

5. Watching breathtaking twilight again. Different colours in the sky made me feel like I was truly watching God's piece of artwork. Mmmmm...

6. Eating my mother-in-law's DELICIOUS moose and potatoes. YUM YUM!!! PLUS getting some more to take home HO HO HO HO HO...

7. Being able to stop negative voices inside my head in mid-sentence over and over again for the past week and control my emotion. I shan't let you win, negativity!!! And hey, it gets easier as time goes by! SPLENDID! ;-D

THANK YOU, Lord!!! Thou hast truly heard and answered my prayers he he he he...THANK YOU for this trial! ;-D

8. Kissing my hubby's bald part on top of his head and tickling it with my finger by running my fingertip round and round and round hi hi hi...


  1. It's always so good to see you appreciating everything and everyone around you. You're a good example to others too.

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  3. Hi Amel’s Realm;

    Cool article, I love the church image on your header.

    How was the pie, and how was the moose prepared (I love moose).

    I enjoy reading how you experience God’s “finger prints” on your life.

    I will be back.

  4. It was good to see that your mother-in-law was nice enough not to point out a minor mishap and let you learn without scolding. God Bless:)

  5. Blur Ting: THANKS for your compliment! ;-D It makes me feel encouraged.

    Nafasg Team: YIKES!!! I'll check it out soon!

    Livingsword: I think this template creator is SO creative. ;-D

    The pie went well since it wasn't too hard to make he he he...

    I think preparing the moose is similar to reindeer. You need to cut the meat to pieces and boil it for a LONG time in water and beer. I'll write a post about cooking reindeer later on, OK? ;-D Glad you enjoyed reading my post.

    Sindi: Yes, I flinched when I was my mistake, but she was SO very calm!!! She didn't sigh or show any annoyance he he he...She's SO COOL!!!

  6. Being in touch with old friends is indeed a good feeling...:D

    Glad to hear that you can beat the "negativity"...

  7. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, it's sweet to get in touch with an old friend.

    Well, I don't know if the negative voices'll be back again or not...but now I know I can stop them in mid-sentence and they'd be obedient to me hi hi hi...

  8. I specially like the part where you kiss your bald hubby :) tender!

    I have said it before: your mom-in-law is precious! You are lucky :).

    Always a pleasure to read 3BT!


  9. Max: Yeah, men have issues with their "baldness" or "near-baldness", so I have to show him that I love that part of him, too hi hi hi...

    Yep, I'm SO VERY blessed indeed...or have been is more accurate. ;-D

    Cheers, Girl!!!