Sunday, October 28, 2007

Santa, French Bread, Squirrel

Here are some pics I took this weekend. First of all: my cute Santa decoration (€0.40). Real size: 8.5x5x5.5 cm.

Second pic: my first Honey French Bread. Here is where I got the recipe from: Sweet Honey French Bread. I added more honey and cinnamon to the dough he he...And I sprinkled some powdered white sugar on top, too. I baked it for around 20 minutes at 190'C. Hubby didn't like it, but apparently my parents-in-law did. I brought some slices there yesterday and they were gone in no time he he he...

Plus I got to see two squirrels in my parents-in-laws' place. It was hard to get a good pic of them. I only managed to take a pic of one of them 'coz the other one ran away. The one that made eye-contact with me the other time was a bit bigger than this and CUTER, too he he he...I managed to videotape it, too, but sorry I couldn't really hold on to my camera pretty well. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO windy (as you can see for yourself later from the video tapes) and my fingers felt like freezing already even though I wore gloves. It was only 5'C yesterday but the wind made it feel as cold as, if not even colder than, last's week's -0.5'C. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Here are a few pics of the squirrel first:

I found that the best way to get a clear pic of the little fellow was to actually come near it VERY slowly...and then stop. Then move one step either to your left or right or even move closer, 'coz then it would jerk its head up and be alert. Then I should snap some pics of it while it was standing up like that he he he he...I should learn more about my camera's features. I know that there's a feature for taking pics of things or animals that move fast. Oh well...

Now here are the two videos I took. Sorry it shook a bit he he...but I hope you still enjoyed them.


  1. Hey Buddy ..

    The bread looks nice enough and the squirrels are so cute!

    How the sauna went?

  2. Hi, Buddy!!!

    Yeah, the bread came out OK for a first try he he he he...

    Sauna went GREAT, esp. 'coz it was SO windy outside. I LOVED IT!!!

    Plus the good news is that next weekend we'll probably spend a night at the cabin. YIIIHHHAAA!!!! ;-D

  3. Oh Amelia you did a fantastic job on the bread and the pics.....really incredible. Could I have some of that bread please?

  4. Hi, Jackie!

    Sure you can have some of the bread!!! ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics!!!

  5. Aww...cute Santa...and cutey squirrel. So cute!! I wish I could catch one...he he he... :D

  6. That bread looks really yummy.... freshly baked bread smells and tastes so good!

    The squirels there are cute, aren't they? Well, cuter than the brown ones here.

  7. waaaa you are really good at making bread ya! I never ever succeeded at all! :-P and I love cinnamon a lot!!!

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  8. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I also want to catch one, but they're SO FAST he he he he...

    Blur Ting: Yeah, freshly baked bread is THE BEST indeed. ;-D Yeah, the squirrels are VERY cute indeed! ;-D

    Trinity: Well, it wasn't that hard just as long as the yeast worked ha ha ha ha...One time I tried making some kind of bread but the yeast didn't work, so it turned out to be TOUGH to chew ha ha ha...I love cinnamon, too! Nice smell! ;-D

  9. Hey Amel,

    I just loved the squirrel: soooo cute!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)!

    The French bread looks delicious! Congrats!!!!

    Santa is so cute, so chubby!! :-D!

    It seems to me you had another great weekend :)!


  10. Hi, Max!

    Yup, the squirrel is really something he he he...Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Yeah, I fell in love with Santa right away, esp. after checking out the price ha ha...Normally I don't buy things that quickly, but when I saw that one, I grabbed it right away so nobody could take it HA HA HA HA...

    Yep, another great weekend indeed! ;-D

  11. Amel! I collect Santa's and that one looks might's nice...don't be surprised if it's missin gone day LOL

  12. Hi, Adrian!

    THX for dropping by and trying to steal my Santa he he he...Maybe I should insure it, then! LOL LOL!!!

  13. dipikir* tuh tupai kaya kelinci ya!! Cuma buntutnya puanjang :D
    Soalnya temen gua punya kelinci kaya gitu, telinganya pendek, meni mirip hehehe.. Tuh tupai ga kurus* amatlah, gede di pantat hahahahahh...

  14. Hi, Girl!

    The squirrel looks like a bunny? Maybe so he he he...

  15. Hahaha, they're damn nice photos!!

    I loved the squirrels and the videos :D

    I am going to buy a new camera, canon a560, what do you think?

  16. Shan: Glad you enjoyed the pics and the videos. I actually took around 30 pics but most of them were blurry 'coz the little fellow kept on moving so fast here and there he he...Gladly I managed to capture a few good ones he he...

    Canon A560? I'm actually not too familiar with different camera types, but it looks GOOD to me. ;-D My friend uses a Canon, too, but an older one, and she's been pretty happy with it. ;-D

  17. Amel,
    Sorry, it has been awhile since i have been to your blog.

    The Santa was cute. I collect Santas and Snowmen. I show some pics of the inside of my house when it gets closer to Christmas. You will see how many I have and it is a lot.

    The bread looked really good.

    I loved seeing the squirrels. I like to watch the squirrels outside my window when I sit at my desk.