Friday, October 19, 2007

Brotherly Love

I know this pic isn't too clear, but I just want to share it with you. Right before we went to bars last Friday, this pic was taken by my hubby's brother's girlfriend using his mobile phone.

Yep...Arttu and his brother showing some luuuuvvvv to each other he he he he...

ENJOY your weekend, everybooodddyyyyyyy!!!! ;-D Let me end this by sharing these FUNNY cartoons HUE HE HE HE HE HE HO HO HO HA HA HA HA...


  1. Aww...did they do that often?? I never did that to anyone of my siblings he he he...

    Ahahahaaa...I love the 1st cartoon...:D

  2. They're so cute together, LOL! Guess who finally got away long enough from the law firm and put Part 2 on.
    I'm glad you and you're family is doing well!

  3. Choc Mint Girl: HE HE HE...Well, I've seen another pic of them like in this one he he he...

    I have a pic of me kissing my brother on his b-day, but I left it back in Indo. I LOVED hugging him, but he didn't like it once he became an adult ha ha ha ha...

    Fish: Glad you liked it. ;-D

    Vince: LOL!!! Yeah, they were crazy brothers ha ha ha...Okie dokie, I'll go check out your Part 2 tomorrow. ;-D

  4. Amel,
    The cartoons were cute and I will be sending you a rainbow letter soon. You will see what that is when you get it HE HE HE HE:)God Bless!

  5. Hi, Sindi!

    Glad you enjoyed them he he...Rainbow letter? Now you make me CUURRRIIOUUUZZZ he he he...God bless you too, Sindi! ;-D

  6. Hey Girl,

    Such a cute pic: Arttu and his bros :)!

    I hope you had a nice weekend!
    I came to tag you for a really cute meme:

    I shall post a special meme just for you tomorrow :) - you know what I'm talking about :)!


  7. Max: Yeah, my weekend was GREAT he he he he he...THANKS for the tag, Girl!!!

  8. Max: Special meme? OH YEAH the Grandma meme! YIIIPPPIIIEEEE!!!! ;-D