Friday, October 19, 2007

World's Oldest Blogger

Have you heard about the world's oldest blogger, Olive Riley? She's turned 108 years old.

This is her first post with the help of a friend:

I'd LOVE to blog until the day I die he he he he he he...


  1. Hey I was reading about it too... then I thought, oh no no no, I don't want to blog when I'm that old! I want to send messages to anyone I want through instant wave length instead!

  2. Mother Hen: HA HA HA HA HA HA...You're SO FUNNY!!!! Instant wave length? COOL! Perhaps by the time I'm THAT old, there'll be a new technology to blog.

    Will blogs be outdated one day? Interesting to think about he he...

    I don't know whether I'll live to be THAT old, but even so, if my brain's still fine and I still have internet access, I wanna blog 'coz I need it and I need my blogging friends. ;-D

  3. fantastic find, a great woman :-)
    can't see myself blogging let alone reach that age so good for her; and
    why haven't I discovered her before, I don't know...
    you've got a lovely blog here btw :-)

  4. Hi, pining!

    Welcome to my blog and THANKS for your comment. ;-D I also can't see myself living that old, but still I'd love to blog until the day I die he he he...

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. ;-D

  5. That's interesting. I duno if I can live to that age.

    I tagged you on a very simple meme.

    So it when you are free :)

  6. Janice: Hi, I'll do the tag later but I'm gonna show my hubby's mobile phone instead hi hi hi...

  7. WoW!! I've been wondering about who's the first blogger before, could be her??

    I think I'll just blog and blog and I just hope I could put my blog to an end before my time...or maybe if I decided to stop blogging or if I'm getting old then, maybe I will have my future kids to take over my blog...he he he...There's too many 'maybe' he he he...

  8. Choc Mint Girl: No, actually she only started blogging not long ago he he I don't know who the first blogger is. ;-D

    Hey, that's a NICE idea, too...having your kids help you blog if you can't do it anymore he he he...