Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Memorable Gift

One of the most memorable gift I have ever received is a diary. One of my oldest closest friends, who's known me since we were 13 years old, gave it to me right after my honeymoon. She wrote the diary in 1999. It wasn't a thick book, but the entries reminded me of the year, my most rebellious year (read: the year I made so many mistakes in life, but it was also the year when I learnt A LOT).

She wrote the diary 'coz she had known that one of my dreams was to travel and to live abroad, and I guess that year she thought that I was getting closer and closer to my dream. It's just SO touching that she believed in my dream even then. Plus it was SO thoughtful of her to have written down the entries just so that I'd remember the things we did back then. She even attached a movie theatre ticket there and wrote down what we did that day. ;-D

I couldn't help my tears from rolling down my cheeks as I read her diary entries. She wrote about things she admired from me and how she appreciated our friendship. She even attached an old pic of herself there to remind me of how she looked like when we first met in Junior High School he he he he he...

Along with the diary, she also gave me a Friendship Book (complete with WONDERFUL friendship quotations). She also wrote a letter on the last page of the book that really touched me deeply. She was the one that managed to teach me the joy of giving and sharing. I'm so proud of her, especially 'coz she's had a good personal relationship with God during the past few years. She's been there during my ups and downs and she was the one that tried to get me closer to God when I was far far away from Him.

One of the things I admire most from her is that she is not the type of Christian that keeps on preaching others without walking the walk. She teaches me about Christianity because she walks the walk. I'll always cherish my friendship with her. Even from the beginning of our friendship, I knew already that she'd be one of those people I can be good friends with for as long as we both shall live.

She's almost 8 months' pregnant right now and I can't wait to see her baby he he he...I hope she'll have a smooth delivery and everything'll be fine with her. She had contractions already ever since the fetus was 6 months' old, so she's stopped working now.

So...let's reminisce...what is one of the most memorable gifts you've ever received?


  1. That is such a thought gift from such a great friends! Wow .. You are so lucky to know someone like her!!

  2. I must say I think that was a wonderful gift, truly unique and priceless!

    I had a nice gift from a friend of some old vinyl records a while back, which I loved! Other than that, it would be the gifts of friendship and nice gestures that remain precious to me.

  3. What an amazing gift from your friend. But you must be a special person too, for her to want to give you such a thoughtful gift.

  4. Karen: Yes, I'm SO lucky indeed. ;-D

    Matt: Yup, that's very true! A friend gave you old vinyl records? Yeah, I remember you said that you liked collecting them. ;-D You're right...the gift of friendship is also one of the best there is.

    Leigh: Hi, Leigh! THX for dropping by. So you're a thriller writer, eh? I LOVE thrillers!!! ;-D THX for your kind words about me he he he he he he...;-D GOOD LUCK on selling your books!!!!!

  5. I love giving pretty diaries and notebooks as gifts too.

    I'm glad you've joined PPP. It is a really cool way to earn side income. Plus you love to will be quite discouraging in the beginning cos of the limited opps but it'll get better....

  6. Its along those lines tooAmel.
    My grandfather travelled all over the world and he wrote travelogues for me.I treasured them and passed them onto my kid cousin when I left home.

  7. That's such a thoughtful gift. Fingers crossed for an easy delivery of her baby!! Fish x

  8. Blur Ting: You give those gifts, too? COOL!!! ;-D

    Yeah, I thought I'd try it out 'coz I do need some income no matter how small it is he he he...

    Frasypoo: OOOHHHHHHHHHHH that's such a LEGACY!!! Yeah, it's an AWESOME way to share your grandpa's views and experiences.

    Fish: THANKS, mine are crossed too he he he...;-D

  9. Mother Hen: Yep, it certainly is. I'm gonna keep them safe and sound he he he...

  10. All day, I have been trying to think about what gift I've received was the most special. I can't think of one that stands out more than others. I've received many special gifts in my life, though.

  11. Hi, Kathy!

    Well, it's good then 'coz all the gifts you've received are memorable. ;-D

  12. But giving a diary with all those dates and events filled in, with photos, is really something very special. You've got a really special friend indeed.

  13. Amel, I envy you for having such a good friend. You should cherish each other as long as you live. :)

    Janice Ng

  14. Blur Ting: Yes, it's true that she's a special friend. ;-D Glad to have met her back then in Junior High School he he he...

    Janice: I will, Girl, I will he he he he...

  15. Hi Amel;

    You are truly blessed to have such a friend…that is such a fine gift, that it is more that book….it is a cherished friendship…

    …I truly appreciate your words about followers of Jesus walking the walk and not just talking the talk, when one is genuinely touched by God there should be outward manifestations of that relationship not just mere words…and you have drawn a portrait of such a relationship…thank you…

  16. Hi, LS,

    Yes, I'm blessed indeed to have had her in my life for the past 16 years (over half of my age)! ;-D

    Glad you enjoyed reading about "walking the walk". It IS the most important thing anyway, right? ;-D

  17. mmm, indeed, a diary, a precious gift, something to tell us that our lives hasn't been a waste right? Something to remind us that we have achieved something with our life...

    For me, I have never really received gifts, now reading your post, I have really never received a gift as far as I can remember and I am now feeling shocked hhaha! my god... what a life I have led huh...

    But gift, if I do get a gift, I would want something that challenges me intellectually, something that allows me to discover who I am... :)

    Hope that answers your question

  18. Shan: Ahhh...well, maybe later on you'll get something memorable. I mean, you're still YOUNG he he he he...

    So you want a gift that challenges you intellectually, eh? COOL!!! I HOPE you'll get one or two someday!!!! ;-D

  19. Amel,
    The greatest gift I can think of is LIFE. I am happy every day just to be here. I love living and loving and caring about others. Hey that was three more gifts HE HE HE HE:) Peace be with you.

  20. Sindi: Ahhh...that is INDEED the greatest gift! I'm also happy to be born and to be able to make AT LEAST some people feel loved, encouraged, supported, listened to and to make them giggle and laugh.

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with sharing more gifts with me so that I can count my blessings too he he he...

    Peace be with you too! ;-D

  21. Oh, she's one great friend. Both of you are so lucky to have such a fine friendship.

  22. Choc Mint Girl: Yes, she is and yes, we're lucky! ;-D